Weird things you do but you don't know why

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Thread Topic: Weird things you do but you don't know why

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    I can listen and answer questions in class while daydreaming
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    I pick at the flesh on my fingers, either with my nails or with nail clippers. I usually do it until I bleed a bit on one finger, then I move on to the next.
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    I wake up at the high school at night with four random items
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    I always sleep in odd positions. Usually curled up in a ball.
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    Jayfeather310 Advanced
    I scrape the inside of my fingernail with my other nail.
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    The Dude Advanced
    I used to have this very odd habit of when I'd play a game, I'd glance between the controller and the television repeatedly, repeating "promise" after every time I'd glance down telling myself I'd promise to stop doing that dumb s--- I was doing (glancing down). Occasionally it involved me licking the controller.

    I don't do that much anymore.

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