Post your recent achievements here...

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Thread Topic: Post your recent achievements here...

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    Kish Expert
    So lets take this thread to enjoying everyone's achievements.
    Some may be odd, some weird, some funny and some amazing but in the end its an achievement and that is all that matters.


    I finally have chest hair :)
    Then I shaved it off to see how long it would take to start growing again...
    Still waiting (5 months)
  • Le1F Advanced
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    da fuq
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    absol heart Hot Shot
    I have recently discovered that i'm growing [actual] facial hair, so that's cool. It's under my jaw tho, so less cool. Waiting for it to spread to my chin so I can get that sweet goatee goin'.
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    TheOnlyOne Advanced
    I got out of bed this morning.
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    WolfLove Hot Shot
    I've got A+'s in everything right now
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    Jeeshan Hot Shot
    Sounds like a kid.
    - I got 400+ followers on Instagram.
    - I got my six pack abs deepened.
    - I have completed 20 Episodes watching Death Note.
    - I have grown up my hair back.
    - Completed 14 and a half revolution around the Sun.
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    TheOnlyOne Advanced
    I didn't fail my exam today.
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    Magie Magic Senior
    Survived my bus ride

    Finished my homework
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    Moyashi Hot Shot
    Got an A on my first big essay in my Medieval class

    My test grades improved (slightly) in Anatomy
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    absol heart Hot Shot
    passed 2 tests/quizzes in my Statistics class.
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    TheOnlyOne Advanced
    I gave my friend a sandwich, doing my part to end world hunger
  • SuperBunny101 Newbie
    Won three medals at the tournament.

    Gotten thinner.

    Improved my singing voice a ton.
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    d_h Advanced
    I stopped my addiction to Soda
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    my fat ass started exercising again

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