Why do I feel unwanted a lot?

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Thread Topic: Why do I feel unwanted a lot?

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    Aoki Junior
    I had to skip school today due to a doctors appointment, and I really missed my friends. So, I'd text them when I knew they were free.

    Okay, not gonna lie, I only have seven friends, but I'm best friends with three of them.

    Anyways, every time I'd text them (and I would text ALL of my friends) every last one of them left me on read. I sent about four messages to everyone, but I was ignored.

    I would usually ignore this, since ya know, school and being busy, but they post videos and pictures of them having so much fun together.

    Even though a small part of me knows it's not true, why do I feel like no one likes me? What's wrong with me?
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    Aoki Junior
    Well, so much for wanting quick answers xD
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    What the f--- those f---ers aren't friends if they leave you on read AND you sent 4-5 messages.

    My advice is get better friends and drop those morons who obviously don't appreciate you.


    s--- you were gone from school for a day and they don't bother to check in to see how you are doing and they post pictures together

    f--- them.

    Just get a better crowd or stick to yourself. Nothing is wrong with you, you're just used to being under appreciated that now you see yourself as the culprit and not them.

    Either I'm really salty or im being blunt honest but that's my take on things.
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    coolme3 Senior
    ^^^ what they said but less swearing :o

    yeah those aren't real friends if they're all ignoring you. but that doesn't mean somethings wrong with you, somethings wrong with them for that. Pretending to be your friend but ignoring you like that
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    Aoki Junior
    Well, I asked them about it, and two of my friends said they thought they replied
    The others just ignored me, sooo I'm not talking to any of those people anymore.

    Thank you two 💜
  • Le1F Experienced
    bc u r

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