Name a user you don't like

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Thread Topic: Name a user you don't like

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    godofminecraft56 Advanced
    ^ cuz ignores me
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    1714 Senior
    me because im me
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    Br0wnieBunny Hot Shot
    Brownies because she makes me look disdained and disgusted.
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    O1Awesomeness Novice
    godofminecraft- racist and mean to a young kid
    Le1F- hates me for no reason
    Doubles- they're annoying
  • Le1F Novice
    I dont hate u u idiot u just dont undrstand anythng
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    Carrotop Advanced
    This is just asking trouble
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    happypuppy Advanced
    Me because I'm a little b----.
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    Hephaestuschild Hot Shot
    i really really hate that heph chick
    she's a weeb with no job and no life who wastes all her money on weeb s--- and video games
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    Ghetto Advanced
    ghetto because he rlly sucks ass
    like uGh who cares about anime and Japanese music liek hall & oates and sailor moon are totally better!1!1!
    he needs 2 get off the internet and go get a life ew
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    i_love_planes Advanced
    I hate that Planes guy to be honest.
    I mean, they're barely on, never instantly replies to soaps, and is such a gorillaz fanatic! And they're such a damn nerd, I mean, who's even heard of YoKai Watch???
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    Egoist Newbie
    Kalafina, she is a hypocrite and has wronged me so many times. She's fake, and gets all her pictures from her cousin #exposingmeowtertruckerssinceileftthevagina
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    UNLOVING- she is a total b---- she talks about sex to much and needs to go on a p--- site i mean honestly
    JEESHAN- he just rubs me the wrong wy hes always talking about me doing wrong then he does it himself that spell WRONG!
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    Foppleschnort Novice
    I'm not particularly fond of the user Misty (I think her account is 666_Darkness or something like that). She's far too emotionally unstable for my liking and is constantly accusing everyone of hating her. She needs to get a grip on herself before she splatters her emotions all over GTQ.
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    FS- true

    YOUR-NAME: hes a total jerk he calls other pple noobs when we're
    not and is rude about it!
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    therealminime Experienced
    This thread is pointless.

    And, I'd like to fill you in, you are newbs. Until you have been here for a year or longer.

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