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Thread Topic: Hey!

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    Biance Novice
    Welcome! I have two more accounts which are Haileigh MusicRox. You can call me Bianca the Rabbit,Hammy,or Ian.
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    VegeKaka Novice
    Hi, I'm Vege or Kaka, whichever you want to call me. My other account is Purple Ink. My sister is Truten. You can call her Tru or Trunks. Welcome to GTQ!
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    Shadey1304 Novice
    I LIKE CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!AND MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hatshepsut237 Newbie
    It's me, Kitkat Kitties
    I'm on my laptop and it wont let me log out of my sister's account.

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