what do you look like?

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Thread Topic: what do you look like?

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    dragon Novice
    hair color:brown
    eye color:brown
    i'm tall,not fat and not too thin...
    (you can write anything about what do you look like!)
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    name Experienced
    Same as you. :)
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    Moyashi Advanced
    I look like dis. :B

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    flibber Junior
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    harpusrox7 Experienced
    im.not.fat.but.not.too.thin (but.some.people.think.i.look.20.pounds.lighter.than.i.am)
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    flibber Junior
    i look like this
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    I look like a person.
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    Selena112 Advanced
    I look like, um, ME!
  • IMONABOAT Novice
    I look like a normal person....
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    flibber Junior
    oh come on im only 4 foot 10! :(
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    Nikki_Knox Advanced
    Hair: Roots are very dark brown, gradually getting lighter towards the tips. Long hair, wavy in the front.

    Eyes: Brown.

    Figure: Long legs, thin. Not annorexic thin, but kinda bony :P Don't worry, it's genetics...

    Height: 5'2.

    Skin Tone: Ummmmm....I don't really know xD My friends call me rainbow, considering I'm very mixed.

    Think Amerindian, but not Pocahontas brown xD I guess that kinda nails it...
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    harpusrox7 Experienced
    My hair is wavy alot of the time and sometimes I put it in a ponytail
    And my skin tone is tanned (a little)
    I don't think I'm very thin but I've had people say I am. Even though that was 3 months ago
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    6 6 sick Advanced
    Long black Hair,Pale skin,Tall and thin,Big brown eyes.
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    Tyreseonater Novice
    Brown hair and eyes.

    5 feet flat

    Half black and halt Italian


  • Red curly hair big hazle eyes that change coler but are mostly green, I'm white lol and a little bit freakled not too much so yeah thats me! :)

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