what does your screen name mean

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Thread Topic: what does your screen name mean

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    flibber Novice
    my name is flibber and thats basically my screen name on all of the websites im on. it started on clubpenguin when i wanted my name to b flipper but it was taken so i chose flibber instead
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    Selena112 Experienced
    Mine is the same as yours. Exactly. Selena wasn't available so I chose Selena 11 2.
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    flibber Novice
    flibber just kinda came to me as an allternative
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    everlowe Novice
    everlowe means enternel love in charokee
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    fufe123 Junior
    i guess i was oe day making up nicknames for my kids and fufe poped up and i put 123 cuz those three numbers are my b-day so thats how...
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    OZZYIOMMI Advanced
    Ozzy Osbourne (Mah fave singer) and Tony Iommi (Mah 2nd fave guitarist) were in a band together, So Instead of the two seperate names; I made it one, CUZ I CAN. And hence; Ozzyiommi. And I kinda stole it from youtube xD

    But it's in caps cuz of freaking CAPS lock.
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    harpusrox7 Experienced
    I got harpus because it's my favorite Bakugans name and I couldn't think of anything else
    I put rox because harpus is awsome and I liked the username harpusrox better than harpusrules or whatever and I couldn't think of anything else
    I added 7 because it's my lucky number
    I was going to bakuganrules or something like that but i didn't like it as much and I wasn't obsessed with Bakugan at the time (I'm not right now either)
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    6 6 sick Advanced
    6 6 Sick.

    Its a song by the band Dope,as for what it means the name says it all.
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    Moyashi Experienced

    It's a term for short in Japanese.
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    Kitsune Experienced

    it's fox in Japanese
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    UmbrellaGirl Novice
    Well, I love the rain and darkness and the cold, which all relate to umbrellas. And I find umbrellas extremely attractive, but I will never use one because I like to get wet. And girl because I'm a girl.
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    lilfreakgryl Advanced
    Lil= Cause I little at the time
    Freak= I'm a freak
    Gryl= My form of spelling 'girl'
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    Kiki rocks Novice
    mine... i've constantly been told by friends that i rock... and some people find it fun to call me kiki. so kiki rocks.
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    Kiyari Novice
    Ki: kanji for "princess"
    Ya: kanji for "night"
    Ri: kanji for "jasmine"
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    Anastasia, is my middle name. :P

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