manders over here!lol

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Thread Topic: manders over here!lol

  • ok what were we talking bout
  • are u here
  • manders Novice
    yesh :) now
  • ok
  • well i have a crush on somebody on GTQ.
  • manders Novice
    lol ok who is that?
  • Will u tell anybody if i told u my 2 secrets
  • manders Novice
    no i don't do that
  • manders Novice
    i wont tell i promise
  • ok well lets see,here's one
  • manders Novice
  • sprinkles Novice
    this is my second account that almost everybody hates
  • manders Novice
    oh ok i wont tell , why does everyone hate it?
  • manders Novice

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