Hm, some questions.

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Thread Topic: Hm, some questions.

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    CaptainMop Junior
    What do you all think about these protests?

    The riots?

    Think the number of infected will take a major raise with it all in the areas?

    Someone explain to my why the hell I'm seeing so many people saying 'ACAB' and s--- like that?

    Why not AUBER? huh??
    Joke lol

    Think it'll keep happening for a while? Hopefully they calm the hell down <>the rioters. They seem to be doing more harm then good. You know?

    Do you think many people are just taking advantage to use it for their own gain? the looting ,and not the reason why they should?


    As a final note, happy pride month 🌈
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    DaughterOfApollo Hot Shot
    I'm cool with the peaceful protests because I think people should use their first admendment right when an injustice has happened. What I don't agree with is the riots and looting and setting things on fire. That is no longer peaceful and I believe that the original messagage becomes distorted and is being taken advantage of by people who just want to harm others. And all that's doing is destroying the communities which will harm themselves in the long run

    I think it's going to happen for at least another month and yes, I do think people are taking advantage and using it for their own gain
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    CaptainMop Junior
    On videos of whede people have burned down buildings, in comments they always say "buildings can be replaced, a life cannot"

    Sure. But to replace the buulding takes time. Could take a year- and with how much there is, could be longer. Who knows? Might have to tear it down and start all over with the building. It costs alot of money- the stores- people work at them. So they're losing their jobs.
    You're not painting a good picture for yourself /:
    I know not all of them is for the BLM thing, some are.

    Then you have videos od the cops hitting some people, pushing them- but what do you know? The video conveniently starts when the cop does so. We dont know what happened before that!

    Also alot of people ive seen using videos of riots from other countries trying to say they're from the U.S.
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    Ashl3y Senior
    i'm absolutely on board with the protests, very disappointed in the uncover law enforcement provoking the violence and even beginning it to frame protestors. i'm also disappointed in the way they apprehend the protestors with inhumane acts including harming children and people who are staying home.
    in some places they go through neighborhoods and force everyone inside with rubber bullets.
    i'm proud of the officers standing with the protestors, taking the knee, walking with them etc.
    i'm so warmed by the genuine unity putting forth towards a future of freedom.
    but i can't stand the treatment of innocent bystanders, protestors, children, and small business owners.
    i also cannot stand the people who can't tell the difference between looters and protestors lmfao those people are not the same and it's sickening sksjsk
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    DaughterOfApollo Hot Shot
    Yeah, buildings can be replaced, but I doubt they're going to get right on that and start building. And you're right, it is going to cost a lot of money and people aren't working now because of the virus, and by burning these businesses down, they are potentiallly putting a family out of their jobs forever because they haven't been able to make money due to being closed for months cause quarantine. So they are ruining people's lives by rioting and setting buildings on fire.

    The Lincoln memorial has been defiled last night (which doesn't make any sense to me because Lincoln was the one who abolished slavery).

    Burning cop cars don't make sense to me eitherbevause they're just gonna replace them with your tax dollars
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    Ashl3y Senior
    i may have more opinions but that's what i thought of at the top of my head
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    zilla Advanced
    I am against the entire shebackle
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    CaptainMop Junior
    Undercover cops doing things isnt good. But its not always them. Maybe some, but I doubt ALL of them are though. Most were probably from other people, perhaps. We dont know though, so cant really say. Huh?

    Just harming the people around them- those that may not wven be involved with it all.

    Why was it? Know who did it?

    That doesnt make sense. /:

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    axelbeans Novice
    not all of them are, however it’s a point being glazed over to shift the narrative and it’s heartbreaking. as i also said, i can’t stand the actions going on outside of the protesting.
    so many instances don’t turn violent until it’s provoked it’s just so hard to watch :((
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    CaptainMop Junior
    Both sides are likely involved in the provoking. I dont think that'll ever chabge though. Always seems tp be when something large like this, both sides will try to start something with the other side.
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    dragonsfire Experienced
    In Omaha, the riots aren't as bad as in other places, but they set a curfew where unless you need to go out, you can't past some time in the evening, I don't remember.
    But stoning people and throwing eggs at them isn't good, and shooting squirt-guns filled with urine? I don't care who you are, that's just gross. I don't remember if anyonoe's been killed in the riots.

    But it is not a protest when you get violent like that. It's not within your Constitutional rights to riot. MLK was peaceful. So was Rosa Parks. And everyone else that protested peacefully about these things. They would not approve of how this is being dealt with.
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    CaptainMop Junior
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    Mused Jade Advanced
    I agree with Axel and DOA.

    Riots change history. I may not agree with the act of rioting myself, but riots have changed things before. That being said, "The Stonewall Riots" would be a good example since it is pride month. It has made it where the LGBT+ community can openly express themselves. It paved history for gay marriage to become legal.

    Peaceful protests in the black community have happened for years. That is why Colin Kaepernick kneeled, instead of standing. Why people marched for Treyvon Martin. I am sick of the injustice toward black and mixed families. I am sick of the racism I see.

    I say the riots are very justifiable.
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    CaptainMop Junior
    I disagree.
    But you have your opinion.

    You want them to riot? Just go and destroy everything? Take away buildings? Peoples homes? Jobs?

    Rioting maybe it can help, but not always. It gives a bad picture to what you're trying to achieve.
    Sure, they may seem justifiable. But are they doing more harm then good? It seems. They're harming innocent people themselves at times, it seems. Maybe not all, but some are though.
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    CaptainMop Junior
    Another thing in seeing alot of

    "No justice, no peace"

    But doesn't it also, in a way, work in reverse as well?

    How do you expect "justice" when you have people out there breaking the law themselves.
    If that's what you want, then do you also want everyone who has taken part in the riots, looting, destroying/burning buildings, cop cars to get justice for their own actions? F that makes sense.
    Not saying all, no.

    Also- people are recording others/themselves doing these things. You're making ot easier to be found- you are breaking the law. Putting other people in danger as well- to those.


    So apparently cops dont matter anymore? They're f---ing people just like you are, idiots.
    They're doing their jobs. Are they not?
    They keep the peace, and arrest criminals. Would you rather they not be there? You want every single murderer, rapist, etc to be out and about to do as they want to?

    Thats what it sounds like the people ive come across want /:

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