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Thread Topic: Member Introductions?

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    dragonsfire Junior
    Oh, another thing about me: I can make a fight happen easily, but I try not to do it.
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    Clara Ford Novice
    GACK! Alternate accounts! I forgot.
    I have an account on Quotev: Eliminaara24, for those of you who may want to see me there. THAAAAAAAAAAAAAT's all.
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    QueenGlory Novice
    Name: Claire
    Age: 14
    Pronouns: she/her
    Timezone: Pacific? (Is that what it's called idk) West coast US
    no alt accounts
    Interests: Wof (well duh, QueenGlory IS my name after all) Star Wars, kittens, cosplay, D&D, books, kittens, drawing, writing, kittens, playing the piano, did I say kittens?
    Life Goals: idk survive high school?
    Other: I love kittens (not sure if I mentioned that)
    I'm an introvert; my favorite way to spend time is to shut myself in my room w/ my computer
    I'm trying to write five books at the same time and the main character of three of them have the same name (which is weird but I really like the name Caelynn ok? don't judge me)
    I'm a floutist (I play the flute not the floute which is also weird) and a pianist and I like to sing
    Learning Dutch on Duolingo (name Kinkajou69)
    My kitten likes to walk on my keyboard a lot
    My other kitten is really loud and always hungry
    Quarantine is stupid; I miss school
    I've been to 16 countries (I could name them all but I don't want to bore you)
    I play Ultimate Frisbee but most of the boys on my team either hate me, think I'm incompetent, ignore me, or all of the above, so I don't really enjoy doing whole-team activities
    I've died my hair 7 times in the past 3 years (it's red rn)
    My best friend is a black belt in karate and she's passed the National Latin Exam with the second best score possible
    For Star Wars Day I made a cake that looked like a Sarlacc on Tatooine.........................and I dressed up like Ahsoka Tano :)
    I will now proceed to advertise my quiz series: Wings of Fire Forgotten: The Amethyst Winglet. It's wof fanfic and I think (not that good of a judge 'cause I made it) it's pretty good. There are 5 chapters so far and I'm about to start the 6th. PLEASE take them I want feedback on my stroytelling skills
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    QueenGlory Novice
    Oops 2 spelling mistakes: dyed, not died and storytelling not stroytelling lol
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    Zephyrroi Junior
    I'm contemplating if I want to be called Michael or Zeph(Zephyr)
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    boss baby2 Novice
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    Name: Ellie, or Wow, or Crazy, or Insane, or WowCrazyInsane. I don't really care.
    Age: 13
    Pronouns: she/her/they/them
    Timezones: Central
    Interests: I love to read, and bearded dragons are my favorite animals in the whole world. I am a pretty good drawer, just not people, and I play the french horn.
    Other stuff: I am pansexual, uncertain if I was trans for a while
    I can't cook the easiest things
    I am very very clumsy
    I have a bunch of cats
    I love snakes and lizards and reptiles in general
    I am a daredevil and I guess attention seeker
    I am very protective and not very picky about food
    I'm very smart, but I don't use my head
    I'm very brave, but not when it comes to asking people out and that sort of stuff
    I have this crush on my best friend, who is female and I don't know how to tell her and I'm very scared.
    Okay! Now, please check out my quiz, What Type of Elemental Dragon Are You?
    thank you and I'll stop talking now
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    i forgot alt accounts, but i only have this one and just a name that i made a quiz with because i was a newbie and didn't make an account before i made a quiz. because i joined just a year ago. whew.
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    Smiley598 Newbie

    Name: People call me Candy.🍭

    Age: 13 about to be 14🎊

    Gender: Female🙋‍♀️

    Timezone/Location: Texas🤠

    Interests: Acting🎭,Sleeping🛌,Running🏃‍♀️

    Life Goals: Hopefully become famous
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    Crap omg I was f---ing around to see what usernames are available and I can't change it. Then when I tried to make another account it won't let me lmao. Anyways this is so weird to tell a bunch of people about me, but hey I chose to do this. (please forgive me if I have any spelling errors I type fast and I don't reread what I type :/)

    Name: Kamari (like KA MAR E) you don't have to call me that name you can call me whatever you want! (just don't be rude about it I have feelings too you know :))

    Age: I'm 14 about to be 15 in a 42 days (yes I count down I live a sad life now)

    Pronouns: I'm a she!

    Timezone/location: Central time I live in Texas ye-haw 🤠

    Alt-accounts: I forgot but I did used to post on here a while back

    Interest: I love to bake, watch tv, and do hair and makeup!

    Life goals: I have a lot, but my main one is to become a cosmetologist!

    I love the color pink!
    I actually like to read...
    I write in my free time
    I try my best to save the environment in my free time. (use reusable straws and reusable water bottles! Just a little effort does so much to save the environment :))
    I'm a big Melanie Martinez, Ariana Grande, and Harry Styles fan :)
    I got into my cosmetology class at school (we are selected and only 20 people get to be pick) and I'm so excited to start my career!!
    2 days ago I gave myself a tattoo with a needle and pen ink (it's in the shape of a triangle and its on my ankle no regrets rn at the moment)
    I cut my hair on new years and now I have bangs whoops! :/
    And I'm supposed to be cleaning my room but... it can be cleaned later :)

    ok that's it thanks for coming to my ted talk :)
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    cuteboy123 Novice
    name: jacob
    age: 15
    prnoun: alien? is that fine?
    timezne; califormia time ima cali boy!
    intersts: baking desserts, singing. dancing, taking hikes, taking to peopple
    life goals: become fmaous pop star
    im single, coffee adict, i have 470 followers on spotify aka music hahaha...
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    TheStageBeast Newbie
    ALERT! I am SprinkledSpice. So don't get all confuzzled.

    Name: For this account, you can call me Spice, Beast, TheStageBeast, or basically any variant of SprinkledSpice or TheStageBeast. Get creative!
    Age: I am an immortal Time Lord
    Pronouns: she/her but if you call me he/him who's gonna stop ya ;-;
    Timezone/Location: The Pit, 24th house on Chaos Road
    Likes: Roleplaying (not the weird kind), animals (yes, even spiders) writing, drawing, animating (which I haven't done YET), joking around and being a fool in general, having a good time with friendos, singing, inside jokes, the outdoors, etc.
    Dislikes: Centipedes, snobs, and narcissists
    Life Goals: To live ;_;
    Other: I'm a single pringle and perfectly happy to be one. I like the colors blue and purple.
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    Solid Snake Novice
    Solid Snake
    Clara Ford

    These are all one in the same.
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    Midna Madness Novice
    ...And Midna Madness as of today. (6:00pm my time.) Clara is Midna Madness as well. Don't ask why.
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    cuteboy123 Novice
    why lmao

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