Can someone help me with this poem?

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Thread Topic: Can someone help me with this poem?

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    Cutie_Shy Novice
    The poem is:
    by Edna St. Vincent Millay
    The railroad track is miles away
    And today loud noices are speaking
    Yet there isn't a train coming
    But lo! Its whistle is shrieking

    All night there isn't a train passing by
    The night is still for sleeping and dreaming
    But I still see its cinders red on the sky
    And its engine is steaming

    My heart is warm with friends I make
    And better friends I'll be knowing,
    Yet there isn't a train I woudn't take,
    No mayyer where it's going

    Can someone give me an idea on what gestures should I use each line?
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    Cutie_Shy Novice
    *No matter where it's going
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    Mac1014 Advanced
    I believe that at night a gesture towards the sky,andd at heart put your hand on your heart,s--- like that

    If tahts not what you meant,then sorry imma idiot

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