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    The Coldest Sun Hot Shot
    oops, died for a minute there
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    Stability Junior
    oops, died for another minute
    man, I'm crazy bad at staying alive
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    Stability Junior
    I guess now I'm moving out a lot earlier than I had planned
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    Stability Junior
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    Stability Junior
    I don't know what I'm doing lmao
    I'm not going to be happy no matter where I go. I'm going to burden the people I love. I'm going to fall apart. f---, I don't even have a job right now. I'm worthless. What am I supposed to do here?
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    Paige_ Advanced
    Aw don't say that
    If you wanna talk I'm always free
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    Stability Junior
    this isn't real
    or at least
    I've worked for weeks to convince myself
    of as much
    these problems are imaginary
    these feelings
    (or lack thereof, depending on the day)
    are unreliable
    tonight I'm standing on a hill
    on a window sill
    on a cliffside
    on a ledge
    and I can't feel the wind lashing my face
    but I can feel the way the world seems to churn
    in time with my stomach
    gravity knows me by name, you know,
    and I owe it a debt
    tonight I am numb but I don't
    need to feel the end creeping up on me
    to hear twigs snapping
    a small scale apocalypse is a little more
    than I can frighten off with a loud voice and a knife
    and the police seem
    to think I'm crazy
    tonight I'm making friends with thunder,
    sharing secrets with lightning
    and entrusting care of my corpse to the rain
    I've always said I loved the rainy days
    because it feels like they don't count
    but this one does
    and I think that means they always have
    and I guess I'm going to have to accept that now
    tonight I am a ghost
    making plans in the dark to make everyone's lives hell
    and then disappear without a trace
    and I wonder if they'll talk about me
    if they'll tell people about how I haunted them for twenty years
    and if people will laugh at them
    because I don't exist
    I never did
    and even if I did
    I can only cause harm to the people
    who believed in me the most
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    Stability Junior
    honestly pewdiepie can choke lmfao
    I don't give a s--- who likes him
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    Stability Junior
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    Stability Junior
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    Stability Junior
    you have no love for me
    I have none for you
    I'm remembering times when songs that
    sounded like I might've heard them on the radio when I was little
    were enough to drown out thought altogether for a moment
    and I got drunk off every note
    until I found myself in a better place
    and I remember dedicating days at a time
    to sifting through countless songs on the internet
    in hopes of finding one with that kind of power
    you don't care for me
    I don't care for you
    but you know to shut your mouth when I try to sing
    because you know I won't be listening to you anyway
    you used to talk til you were blue in the face
    while I hummed softly to myself
    to the room
    I was trying to sing the stairs to sleep
    what did you say?
    I still laugh when I remember your face when you realized
    you'd have to repeat every word
    you wish you could be rid of me
    I don't have that option
    I've been singing the same song for as long as I've had a voice
    changing the key every time I think I know who I am
    you think you've heard every song I've ever written
    but you've never been very bright
    I don't know my own melody when I hear it
    so what makes you think you do
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    Stability Junior
    it's been a great week for incoherent poetry
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    Stability Junior
    I have a new job! Huzzah!
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    Stability Junior
    Granted, it won't be paying half as well as my last job, but at least I don't think I'll be bored out of my skull.
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    Stability Junior
    I've been waiting nearly two weeks since I got fired to hear back from Taco Bell. They're taking their sweet time. They told me yesterday (Tuesday) they'd get back to me on whether I was rehirable or not on Thursday. I'm not waiting any longer without even knowing if I'll be able to get the job, so in the meantime, that night, I applied at Wendy's. That same night, I got a call from Wendy's. Today, Wednesday, I had an interview at Wendy's and got hired. Tomorrow, Thursday, the day Taco Bell planned on calling me back to tell me whether they'd even consider hiring me, will be my first day at the job I applied for yesterday.

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