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    Kalafina Novice
    Cause I was correct. Why else would I be?
  • Say wha Novice
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    Rex Novice
    You were. I dunno.
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    Rex Novice
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    Kalafina Novice
    Say wha, say what.

    Coco: Why don't you tell her how you feel?
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    Rex Novice
    http ://vocaroo. com/i/s0u5zygKYig1

    Eh... I dont do things like that. I keep to myself usually and observe.
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    Hiccstrid Novice
    A)re you single: Yes and will be for a long time.
    (B)estfriends: Two best friends, a couple more close friends, and several casual acquaintances
    (C)rushing on someone? Yes
    (D)rink you had last: Milk
    (E)asiest person to talk to: Myself
    (F)avorite person: My best friend Natalee
    (G)uy best friend: My irl crush
    (H)ome town: Capital of OR
    (I)n love with: HTTYD and Narnia
    (J)ealous of: Kids who get to stay home alone
    (K)nown as: The cool girl who is really silly but really nice and fun
    (L)ongest friendship: 7 years with my second-best friend
    (M)iddle name: Grace
    (P)erson that gives good advice: My friend Elanee
    (Q)uestion I'm always asked: Can you repeat what you said?
    (R)eason to smile: It's Thursday
    (S)ong you last listened: Shattered
    (T)ime you woke up: 7:15 am
    (U)gliest person on Facebook: Don't have FB
    (V)iolent memory: Bike crash on a gravel hill--scars still remain
    (W)orst habit: Chewing my hair
    (X)You never stopped loving: ??
    (Y)our last hug: Last night
    (Z)Person you hate the most: My brother
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    Hiccstrid Novice
    Talk about a late post.
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    Kalafina Novice
    Is that the song? ^_^ Sounds good Coco

    I think you should at least try, I think you can get her if you tried. Telling her how you feel can bring new opportunities :3
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    Kalafina Novice
    Ooo, Hicc has a crush too >:p
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    Rex Novice
    Another rough draft. But yeah. Thanks.*_*

    Maybe, i dunno.
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    Hiccstrid Novice
    What's wrong with that?
  • care_bear19 Novice
    (A)re you single: Nope
    (B)estfriends: Irl-Gage, Steph-bear, Devin (RIP) GTQ-LOTS
    (C)rushing on someone: Well.. my gf :P
    (D)rink you had last: Iced Tea
    (E)asiest person to talk to: Gage
    (F)avorite person: Maci ^v^
    (G)uy best friend: Irl- Gage GTQ- Uhm, Captain Xantos?
    (H)ometown: Baltimore (MD)
    (I)n love with: Maci ^v^
    (J)ealous of: Uh... Santa?
    (K)nown as: The Protective one :P
    (L)ongest Relationship: Year and a half
    (M)iddle Name: Samantha
    (N)Ha they skipped these letters
    (O) ^
    (P)erson that gives good advice: Gage
    (Q)uestion I am always asked: What happened?
    (R)eason to smile: Music
    (S)ong you last listened: Kiss with a Fist by Florence+ the machine
    (T)ime you woke up: 4 am
    (U)gliest person on Facebook: Everyone is beautiful ^u^
    (V)iolent Memory: ...I'd rather not say.
    (W)orst habit: Nail Biting
    (X)You never stopped loving: Does my best friend count? Not the same kind of love anymore though...
    (Y)our last hug: My step dad
    (Z)Person you hate the most: Johnathan Hewwit.
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    Kalafina Novice
    Okay, just keep trying you will get the voices right. what does that face mean?

    Hicc: Nothing am just teasing ya. I tend to tease any one who says that.
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    Rex Novice
    I will. I'll post a other later. *_* dunno...

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