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    Kalafina Novice
    Am half way done i'll finish them and post them on here.
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    Rex Novice
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    Kalafina Novice
    (A)re you single: Yes
    (B)estfriends: Lots
    (C)rushing on someone? Myself
    (D)rink you had last: Water
    (E)asiest person to talk to: Myself
    (F)avorite person: Myself
    (G)uy best friend: None
    (H)ome town:Linden
    (I)n love with: Myself
    (J)ealous of: Myself
    (K)nown as: Artist
    (L)ongest friendship: Myself
    (M)iddle name: Diallo
    (P)erson that gives good advice: Myself
    (Q)uestion I'm always asked: How did you get so pretty?
    (R)eason to smile: I am beautiful...
    (S)ong you last listened: Anime sad song
    (T)ime you woke up:6 some thing
    (U)gliest person on Facebook: Dunno
    (V)iolent memory: Tooth being knocked out when little.
    (W)orst habit: Biting nails
    (X)You never stopped loving: Myself
    (Y)our last hug: A friend
    (Z)Person you hate the most: Uhh IDK
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    Kalafina Novice
    I din't take the questions seriously lolz
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    Rex Novice
    Aloe of "myself" there xD
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    Kalafina Novice
    XD Yurp am in love with myself Coco. Am afraid no one will even want to go out with me. :3
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    Rex Novice
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    Kalafina Novice
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    Rex Novice
    Don't be afraid, there is someone who would. I'm sure.
  • care_bear19 Novice
    *giggles at Aura*

    I want to do the questions tooooo~
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    Rex Novice
    A)re you single: yes, always has been.
    (B)estfriends: 4-5 total.
    (C)rushing on someone? Yes..
    (D)rink you had last:milk/Pepsi(was not good)
    (E)asiest person to talk to:myself
    (F)avorite person: myself
    (G)uy best friend: 1
    (H)ome town: ......L-town
    (I)n love with: music, myself, someone.
    (J)ealous of: dunno
    (K)nown as:a boy who is as quiet as a mouse in school.
    (L)ongest friendship:17 years myself(17years)
    (M)iddle name:don't have one
    (P)erson that gives good advice: me
    (Q)uestion I'm always asked: why?
    (R)eason to smile: tacos.
    (S)ong you last listened:sad suicide song.
    (T)ime you woke up:5:00 am
    (U)gliest person on Facebook: ?
    (V)iolent memory: falling off scooter and nearly hit by car.
    (W)orst habit: buying nails.
    (X)You never stopped loving:never had one.
    (Y)our last hug: anout2 years ago.
    (Z)Person you hate the most: ?
  • care_bear19 Novice
    *le gasp* Twoyearssss?? *virtual hugs*
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    Kalafina Novice
    (A)re you single:
    (C)rushing on someone?
    (D)rink you had last:
    (E)asiest person to talk to:
    (F)avorite person:
    (G)uy best friend:
    (H)ome town:
    (I)n love with:
    (J)ealous of:
    (K)nown as:
    (L)ongest friendship:
    (M)iddle name:
    (P)erson that gives good advice:
    (Q)uestion I'm always asked:
    (R)eason to smile:
    (S)ong you last listened:
    (T)ime you woke up:
    (U)gliest person on Facebook:
    (V)iolent memory:
    (W)orst habit:
    (X)You never stopped loving:
    (Y)our last hug:
    (Z)Person you hate the most:

    Here Iseul :3
    Yea may be Coco
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    Rex Novice
    Radio: what?
    Koala: be optimistic, I'm sure there is.
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    Kalafina Novice
    Ooo Coco has a crush *nudges Coco*
    In two years Iseul let's give Cody a group hug!

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