Which do you prefer:

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Thread Topic: Which do you prefer:

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    Topaz Experienced
    If I had to choose one, I'd choose never having to sleep. That way I could work on my stories and play on the computer all the time and never feel the need to sleep!

    What about the rest of you. Never eating or never sleeping?
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    Luna Siren Experienced
    Never sleeping. Mainly because sleep is a nuisance sometimes.
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    Jellypenguin Novice
    Never sleeping I don't sleep much anyway
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    SilverNote13 Novice
    No eating for me!
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    Br0wnieBunny Advanced
    Not sleeping, I'll get time to do other stuff.
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    The Red Rose Junior
    Never eating. I can survive without food, liquid can be my supplement. I don't eat much at all so. ..

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