My Official Thread. :3

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Thread Topic: My Official Thread. :3

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    absol heart Hot Shot
    Tigers, tigers, 123
    Tigers for you and a tiger for me
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    one thing i hate about gtq is that you can't put emojis :P
    i hate the emojis on here bc mainly the newer users use them haha
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    i'm going to bed gn
    and picture day is tomorrow psssh
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    ^ it actually wasn't haha.

    i love persona 5 omg
    i wish you could date boys though smh
    i call ryuji, yuki, and yusuke my boyfriends
    my sister was like "isn't a four-way kinda weird?" lmao
    honestly though ausnsnxjsnxn

    ann gets on my nerves too
    first of all, she's nosy af
    she's annoying
    i think she wants attention bc she acts like it

    and istg i'm tired of ryuji acting like he likes her
    i'm just like "nO you like me not herrrr"
    and apparently yuki just wants a girlfriend
    again, i'm like "no bb"

    hopefully one day atlus will allow you to date boys in that game.
    i'm not gonna get my hopes up though

    i mean, it's not a big deal-
    yes it is. it would be sooo adorable~

    i just hit my funny bone mmm

    but i mean, yeah. me and my sister and a lot of others want to be able to date boys in persona lmao.

    idk why i came on here just to say this but ok
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    shjdsi it's been 49 days
    only 49? i thought it was longer

    holy s--- though we went to a restaurant and this bOY was so damn cute

    he worked there and he reminds me of jinhwan

    and he smiled at me

    i almost died
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    and i can't do foot work moves to save my life rip
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    what thE

    the legendary kiss, hug, kick, date thread got locKed

    what even is this site anymore

    when i was cringey and desperate i belonged here

    now i don't

    why do i still go on here

    and my mf progress baR WILL NOT GO UP

    f--- you
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    this school year was eh

    i got pissed off at my bestfriend bc she dated my crush behind my back

    i wish i didn't forgive her ajdkjd

    but like in april my crush hugged me rip
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    hyunseung with ramen hair and lip rings makes me want to kms
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    taesthetic Novice
    who has wattpad

    mine is: -yeoltarts
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    ok i'm gonna go ahead and say it-

    i'm 12.

    why do you think i was a cringey ass b---- before that was desperate for a bf? bc i was younggg af.

    i just decided to say it since idk what fake age i'm supposed to be lmao

    but i've matured somewhat so i'll just say it. nobody goes on this thread anyways so it's gooD

    but yeah, i'm 12. turning 13 on september 8th. sorry for lying. goddamn i hATE how cringey i was :/ but like honestly idc for relationships? i don't really believe in love, either. i feel like the only real love was between my grandad and mamaw. they were together for 60+ years. other than that, i don't think love is real.

    but b----es guess what, i'm going to the beach on the 17th. even though i just came back ajzjszj. i hate the beach.

    ok, i hate it but i like it.. idrk. anybody got a ps4? nvm, i don't wanna add any of you. lololol. does anyone wanna see a pic of me or no?
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    i'll pOst a pic of me
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    Tigers123 Advanced

    that's of me and my sister from like a week ago at the beach

    i think some of it cut off?
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    nah it didn't

    lol if you've never been on this thread before and you're on it now, you're hella lucky.

    it's been like 5 years? 7? 8? and i'm finally posting a picture of me. you're welcome. :)
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    Tigers123 Advanced
    the one number i skipped lmao

    it's been 6 years

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