Why Do All Of You Come To Gotoquiz ?

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Thread Topic: Why Do All Of You Come To Gotoquiz ?

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    Katherine0708 Experienced
    Why do you spend your time here ?
    Why have you stayed here ? (some people have used it for years)
    why do you like it ?

    I Think its because its a place where fiction is better than reality..for some of you. But im not sure...

    please tell me
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    Now, I really only spend my time here for some of my friends and my girlfriend. :3
    I guess I stayed because I really have nothing else to do all the time.
    I find this place to be more mature (most of the time) and imaginative.
    But what you said is true, too.
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    bananabread Junior
    I honestly have no real friends or better things to do with my life so I spend my time on here, usually in my own thread having fun in my own weirdness. Plus it's nice to get to know other people and have some friends on here.
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    Skipper Newbie
    I have no real life friends , nothing better to do,
    I have no life and yes the fiction is better then reality.
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    6 6 sick Hot Shot
    I'm bored,lol.
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    To spam and troll
    Im stayin mofos
    It's fun
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    dannylover321 Advanced
    6 6 sick- best Answer

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