Who's prettier?

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Thread Topic: Who's prettier?

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    Werewolfzoey Novice
    Lol, Sly. xD

    Um, my mom...
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    Viktor Junior
    Lily's grandma xD
    Both fugly.
  • eh, neither
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    Kierra_LOVE Experienced

    but if i had to choose one.....Rihanna sorry Jackie
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    flibber Experienced
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    AquaWinter Novice
    Well i want to change my opinion. Nicki Minaj is prettier than Riri.
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    tomboykaitie Hot Shot
    Nicki Minaj before all the surgery and makeovers.
  • They're beautiful in their own ways, but none of us would really know by their inner beauty, would we? I have no opinion.
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    Rockstar123 Experienced

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