What's your favorite fandom?

Thread Topic: What's your favorite fandom?

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    Personally, it takes awhile to earn my loyalty, but once it has, I go all in. ;)
    Some of my all time favorites and family classics would be:
    -Star Wars
    -Lord of the Rings
    and in recent years I've come to love
    -How to Train Your Dragon
    -Avatar the Last Airbender

    Some honorable mentions would be:
    -Marvel (I'm still learning to appreciate it fully, but they have come a long way)
    -Miraculous Ladybug
    -Lion Guard
    (yes, I have a thing for kids shows ;) )

    What are some of yours?
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    dragonsfire Advanced
    Star Wars
    Star Trek
    Dr. Who
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    Gacha_Summer Novice
    I’ll give you the whole list-

    My Little Pony (This is an old one)
    Sanders Sides
    Harry Potter (I’m not into this one much anymore)
    Five Nights at Freddy’s
    Doki Doki Literature Club
    Be More Chill
    Dear Evan Hansen
    Percy Jackson
    Umbrella Academy
    The Hunger Games
    Star Darlings
    Gacha Life
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    Emowoman Novice
    @Suki Skywalker2 I feel same way.
    Mostly anime stuff I like that I have fandoms
    *Sailor Moon (yes I start with this everytime I think of anime fandoms)
    *Soul Eater (I don't know why I list this)
    But mainly Sailor Moon.
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    ImNatalie Novice
    gacha life
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    Spice Novice
    Warrior Cats
    Star Wars
    Hunger Games
    Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
    Harry Pottah
    (A little bit of Lion Guard and MLP)
    DC kinda
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    Tuzi Newbie
    Sailor Moon
    Gacha Life

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