how do yall create characters?

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Thread Topic: how do yall create characters?

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    i_love_planes Advanced
    do you start with a genre, a name, a concept, or...?
    bcs my friend is having some trouble with it and i cant help beyond saying
    well i tell myself 'i wanna make a b------' then i make one hdskj
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    bellagirl Advanced
    I start with a name
    Then genre
    Then an attitude thatll fit d name
    Then d rest🙃
    Was that helpful?
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    S_E_ Senior
    Does your friend have a story in mind or..?
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    FluffyEtini Advanced
    I first come up with an idea for a story and/or characters. I usually base my characters off of other fictional characters (not sure if this is a good idea for some people, this is just my way of doing things) and then I continue to develop them until they are no longer the other fictional character copied and pasted into my story.

    For developing characters, I usually imagine events from the plot (or just random scenes not in the plot) scene by scene and play it out in my head. I usually use character surveys (just look up original character survey) or OC quizzes (e.g. Mary Sue quizzes) to find out more about them. Sometimes, I’ll make my new characters interact with an already developed character from a different story and see what happens.
  • CrowWind Newbie
    First I think of the character and what details or accessories they have. Then I look at them once I make them and think of what name suits them. :)
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    firebreather Novice
    What I do is find what the story needs. It may be a cold, hard person, or a mother-like figure, then I give them a name that would sound best for their personality. sometimes I look up what names mean, but not very often.
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    Nightfa11 Newbie
    I create characters by basing them off of people, friends, enemies, family, teachers, everyone!
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    AnarchoGirl Newbie
    I make a character by going head down. Black hair could be a a mysterious person, an outcast, maybe evil? Red hair could be adventurous, outgoing, short-tempered. And so on. Then the eyes. Then the face shape. The nose. And so on down to the toes.
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    I just do :/
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    JJBTS127 Newbie
    I start with their purpose.
    Why are they needed? What are they needed for?
    A good character is not focused on appearance, they are based on emotion. Everything else will come later.
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    QueenGlory Novice
    I think of a plot idea first, then a character name, and a personality to fit that name. I'm a "write as I go" kind of person; I don't map out plots, so the character sort of evolves with the story, and sometimes I even go back and change the character entirely because I realize that the character wouldn't fit in with that part of the story. (I've never actually written anything from start to finish though)

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