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Thread Topic: Write a short story.

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    Weirdhead Novice
    Anyone wanna write a short story? Do it here!
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    For you? I'll need to know what you like.
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    Pretty much anything non-violent. But if you have a story you wrote and you really want to share it, you can do that here too.
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    Ooh, there is one that I don't mind sharing. But it does insinuate a bit of violence, in a way. I'll just post it and see what you think of it. It was a couple of months, almost a year ago, when I wrote this, so if you feel like critiquing it, go right on ahead.
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    "You know, a human life is a very fragile thing. Most seem to take it for granted, like teenagers, nearly all of whom think that they're immune to harm. When something fatal happens to them or someone they love, how would they cope? Some shed tears, others resort to alcohol to numb the pain, but can they ever truly be the same as they once were? That's something I want you all to keep in mind as we move forward." The whirring of the fan blades overhead the small office is all that can be heard, as a deafening silence befalls the ramshackle room. The stained beige wallpaper and rotting oak floorboards, combined with the five rundown metal chairs and once plush couch in the room, would make anyone think that this building were to be condemned very soon. The metal chairs are arranged in a medium sized circle around the couch, and in all of the chairs sit a group of dishevelled and disoriented adults. On the couch sits an older looking gentleman, with slightly pale and wrinkly skin, ridiculously short greying hair, a small nose and chocolate eyes. His lips, thin and pursed, quiver nearly unnoticeably as he gazes at each of the younger adults sitting in the chairs in front of him. He wears a simple white turtleneck sweater with black slacks and brown loafers, as well as a yellow pair of round reading glasses. None make a move, all breathe in varying rhythms as his line of sight seems to pass through them all. Sighing in defeat, the elder rubs his temples with his right thumb and index finger slowly, getting ready to speak once more, but expecting nothing. "...Moving on. My name is Frederick Hartscomb, but you all may refer to me as Fred if preferred. Starting from my right and moving left, I would like each of you to tell me your names and what you have been through. Hopefully by sharing, you will start to feel at least a tiny bit better, and then I may be able to refer you to an appropriate therapist." After Frederick finishes speaking, the man in the chair to his right waves weakly at nobody in particular. This man, with amber, shoulder bone length hair parted a tad to the right, unkempt beard and emerald eyes, clears his throat. His clothes consist of an orange windbreaker jacket, blue jeans and brown steel toed boots. As well, a pair of black square glasses rest on the bridge of his nose. "I'm Parker." There is a pause in his words, but then he speaks again. "A-About two months ago, my son disappeared while on his way home. After gathering my closest friends and searching for about two weeks, on and off, we discovered his remains in the forest outside of our little community. The biotopsies shown suggested that an animal of large stature could have been what killed him..." Frederick gazes sympathetically at Parker, his right hand reaching to grasp the younger male's left shoulder supportingly. "Is that what you believe to have happened?" Parker's eyes meet the elder's. "I just don't know. It is possible, but animal attacks haven't occurred in ages. If this is truly what happened, then it's like a one in a million chance. All I know is that Manny is dead...!" Frederick's eyes close as Parker begins to weep, rather quiet, but still powerful all the same. "I'm sorry to make you have to relive this agony. But please know, I only want to help you cope with this loss." Parker nods through the tears. "I know. That's why I'm here." Frederick nods asuringly toward the amber haired male, his eyes softening their expression a smidgen. "Thank you for sharing. I trust we'll be able to help you, even if only a little." In the chair just to the right of Parker's, to Frederick's left, a young woman with jet black hair that reaches to her lower back, wide cerulean eyes and a small mole on the right side of her chin shifts uncomfortably in her chair, her left leg fidgeting against the chair's. She is wearing a black long sleeved sweater, a red knee length skirt, black shin high socks and a pair of frayed sneakers. "...The name's Evelyn. Roughly a year ago, my husband was killed during a bank robbery. There were four of them, all armed to the teeth, yet somehow he managed to get the police notified. He was cunning, but when they found out they'd been had, they shot him down in cold blood." Evelyn grits her teeth as the painful memory of that day rises to the surface. "He died a hero, having saved the other workers from dying at the hands of scum like those four. But I remain widowed to this day." Frederick sighs. "I imagine it must be difficult for you to speak of this to others, and even then, to remember what happened that day. But you're doing a good thing by remembering. Only when we remember can we truly heal." The young man in the middle of the circle is the next to speak up. "Hey, all. Liam's my name." His jaw length hair, a light ginger, is riddled with small unnatural curls and unkempt. His skin is a light peach, his eyes bloodshot pools of dark chocolate. He fakes a small laugh, hoping to lighten the mood, then realises it's futile and resumes speaking. "Simply put, my lil' bro was murdered a little over 15 days ago. On a pretty cloudy spring day, he was playing outside. I was sitting on the porch of our house, keeping an eye on him. All of a sudden, the clouds get darker, and it begins to rain. I run inside the house to grab an umbrella to cover him, and when I come back out he's gone. I was worried for a minute, but the real panic came when I noticed a thin trail of red liquid leading to the back of the house. Following it, I found a few garbage bags in front of the dumpster with a pool of red in front of 'em." Liam pauses here, a single tear shedding from his eyes. "I wasn't sure what it was, but the smell I couldn't mistake. It was interitus. Decay. At the time, I thought it was an animal or something that was killed, so I left it alone. But the smell was unbearable. I called the disposal agency to come get rid of it, and that was when I figured out what that really was. The workers were alarmed enough to rip open the smallest bag, and out rolled my brother's head." At this, everyone in the room but Frederick winced or groaned in disgust, but Liam continued. "You guys can guess what was in the other bags, so I'll spare you the description." Frederick looks Liam in the eyes, his breathing a little heavier. "As traumatised as you may be, you made the right choice in coming here to get help. I'm sorry you had to go through that, but if it helps, you aren't alone. None of you are." The next person, a young shoulder length haired woman, to Liam's right and Fred's left speaks. Her golden eyes and hair seem to lack a little of their potential usual lustre, her skin slightly paler than Fred's. She wears a yellow tank top with sky blue skinny jeans and pink sneakers. "H-Hi. Sophia. About a week ago, I lost my best friend. She was murdered. Stabbed through the heart and left to die." Sophia does not continue, only presses her hands together in her lap and stares at the ground. "So soon, and you have the courage to come here? I admire that. You've definitely come to the right place. We can help you cope, and as I said before, none of you are alone." Fred says, looking at each and every one of the individuals seated before him. His eyes widen a little as he notices the last one to speak. "Last but not least, we have you." The person in question, who doesn't even look up, scoffs and crosses his arms. "Wouldn't you like to know?..." Fred looks slightly taken aback by his remark, his face losing what little smile it had on it. "Now son, there's no need to be rude. we would like to help you cope with your losses, if any." This person, with jaw length, right parted chestnut hair, thick stubble, and a straight horizontal scar on his left cheek finally looks up at the doctor, his sapphire eyes full of animosity towards something unknown to anyone in the room. "What the f--- would you know about coping when nothing like this has ever happened to you, huh?!"At
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    this outburst, everyone looks at him with saddened eyes. "...I'm sorry. These last few years have been the worst for me, and I've grown to trust none and hate all through it. Forgive my outburst, please. But, I'm only here because my friend urged me to come." Fred removes his glasses from his face, wiping them on his left sleeve and then placing them back on his face. "It's all right. You must have been through so much. Please, if you will, tell us what happened so that we may be able to help you come to terms with your loss." The man, his gaze falling to the floor, begins his story. "I swear, my life is just one giant cesspool of s---ty luck. I've been alone nearly all my life, and when I finally find happiness, it's all snatched from me. The two loves of my life were taken from me, both due to the same illness. My wife passed away while giving birth to our daughter, which was just under a year ago. A few months ago, our daughter was admitted to the same hospital that she was born in. She passed away on that same night..." The man pauses, steeling himself for what he has to say next. "The doctors could never figure out what exactly the cause was, but they did know that it had something to do with the brain. And that's pretty much it." The room falls deathly silent, save for the ceiling fan whirring and the traffic outside the small building buzzing by in the background. "I'm so sorry for your loss. You were right, I really don't know the pain all of you are going through. But even still, I'll strive to help you all as best as I can. And I'll do it because I genuinely care. In all of the years that I've been helping people cope with the losses of loved ones, I've learned what it really means to feel compassion towards humans." Fred gets to his feet and looks around the room, from Parker, to Evelyn, Liam, Sophia, and the last unnamed male, and smiles sadly at them. "It hurts me to see how badly life can treat most people, and so I try to help them in any way I can. Even if I have to cause them pain." His smile widens a bit, his teeth visible to the people in the room. "Do not fret, my friends. Your suffering will be at an end soon." The sound of clicking metal can be heard coming from behind the doctor. "Sleep well..." An explosion of powdery fire, the thud of a heavy object, silence.

    (Forgot that there was a cutoff limit for written text, my bad.)
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    Weirdhead Novice
    Not the type of thing I'd choose to read, but it was good.
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    This is one I wrote a long time ago

    There is an enchanted forest, far from any town. Those who have visited the forest say that it is a wonderful place. A young man named Faint, longing for life in a different place, left his home to seek the forest's hospitality.

    He found an old man who agreed to guide him. The last words the old man spoke had left him perplexed.

    The forest was a beautiful place. Clear water ran along the ground and bright, jubilant, warming rays of light pierced the sea of trees. Birds sang sweet songs, deer danced through the woods. Faint enjoyed the atmosphere.

    He walked along creating his own paths.

    For a month he played with the animals, basked in the clear water, and napped in the trees. But soon things in the forest began to change.

    The birds stopped singing, the sun ceased to shine, and the water turned putrid.

    The animals disappeared from existence. Taking their place were decaying bodies ensnared in hideous, gnarled tree roots. Faint began to hear voices calling to him from deep within the wood. He felt the oppressive aura of malice and the stench of death assault him.

    Faint heard a cracking noise sound from the left of him. He immediately turned to see what had caused the noise. Standing before him was his father.

    "Aren't you going to come home? Our door is always open for our son." His father made a pointing motion to something behind him. It was the open door of their house- and at the threshold was his mother. Faint walked forward hoping to leave this hell.

    The house disappeared.

    Faint jumped back as branches reached for him from all angles. He began to run. He ran for hours evading the limbs and the roots so intently grasping at him. Faint's body reached its limits. The world went dark as he fell to the ground with great force and went limp. The roots and limbs of the forest latched onto him.

    Faint woke up in his room. His window was open- steel clouds were hauntingly looming in the sky. Faint made a motion to get up amd close his window, but he heard something from another room. It was the sweet welcoming voice of his mother. He followed her voice into the hall and into the dining room.

    His mother and father were sitting at the table in two adjacent chairs. But a third chair was nowhere in sight.

    His mother turned to him amd smiled warmly. His father turned to face him as well. However his smile morphed into a grin.

    "Your mother was in so much pain after you left. She sat by the window every day hoping to see you return. She starved. You killed your mother."

    The house began to tremble and collapse. The windows shattered and dishes broke as the storm raged on. Faint screamed as the forest returned.

    All direction was lost, Faint was defintely about to snap. The forest was laughing at him. The voices of horrible, wicked nymphs spat harsh words at him. He couldn't run anymore, his legs just wouldn't move. He was trapped.

    The bitter taste of defeat filled his dry mouth. Faint cast glances all around him. A bright light shone on him from the south. He whipped around quickly. He saw nothing, but he heard. Yes, he heard.

    "You want to leave right? Why did you come here? Are you done with your little game?"

    Faint couldn't answer. He didn't even have a good reason to leave in the first place. His motivation was selfishness.

    All he could do was stand there in silence. The trees grasped him one more time. But this time was the last. The old man's words echoed in his head.

    "Those trapped... Some make it out.. Those who don't become fertilizer for the forest."
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    Weirdhead Novice
    Nice.. I liked it. Here's a fairy tale I wrote when I was ten, you can be very critical if you want. Once there was a family who lived in a small, quaint cottage. They had one proud daughter named Kathleen and one kind and plain-looking daughter named Rosette.
    Kathleen was by far the most beautiful girl in the entire kingdom. One day she went for a walk in the woods. On her return journey, she met a man who could grant and take away wishes, sitting by his mansion. He was so struck by her beauty that he told her she should have anything she desired.
    “I wish I were queen,” replied Kathleen. “And I could control who was hungry and poor, and those who were rich and important. I wish that some handsome prince would fall in love with me and be king of the land and we would rule for many years happily.”
    The man agreed and told her that everything would be exactly as she had said. And sure enough, as she took a step toward home, an enormous castle grew before her eyes. She was suddenly dressed in gorgeous, queenly clothes and had a magnificent, sparkling tiara.
    She immediately said to the man, “Now you have given me everything I desire. And I shall test my ability to control who is rich or poor. You shall now be a poor, unsightly man. You shall be starved and ragged.”
    As soon as the words left her lips his clothes became ragged, he became thin and hungry, and his mansion turned into a small log cabin that was falling apart. She was quite satisfied and went back in her castle, wishing everyone within the kingdom, except the prince she would marry and herself, was poor, hungry, and ragged.
    In the next week, she met a rich, handsome prince who immediately fell in love with her. They were married and ruled the kingdom.
    Many years later, Rosette, Kathleen’s plain sister, went walking in the woods to find Kathleen and to beg for even a little food. She took with her a small piece of bread.
    Then she saw the same man the Kathleen had seen years ago. He was even hungrier than before, as he had been living off berries found in the woods. She was immediately sympathetic and gave him her piece of bread. He thanked her for her kindness and said he would grant her a wish in return.
    She said, “I wish that everyone who was hungry and ragged would now be fed and have nice, good houses. I wish that Kathleen would only wish that people would be fed and happy and decently housed. I wish that the queen was fair to her villagers.”
    As she said the last word, it all happened as Rosette had asked. She then was granted a wish that the man had wished himself. She became beautifully adorned and was seemingly more beautiful than before. Then she and her family all met Kathleen, who invited them all to live with her.
    Rosette married a handsome young prince of another kingdom, and ruled happily and kindly with him for the rest of their days.
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    heres a POS i wrote in 10 minutes today.

    One day there was an alligator. his name was Robert. Robert was an ugly s.o.b but he didnt give a cr@p. all he cared about was being his bada$$ self. so one day he met this rude man named Liam who honestly was someone worthy of death. Robert didnt give much attention to him though, not wanting to cause any unnessecary trouble. just then, a pink butterfly flew purposely around Robert’s eyes, making him partially blind for 4 seconds. he accidentally swung and hit Liam right on the nose, breaking it forever. liam cried out in pain, and doubled over, but then he quickly fled, hoping to find a nearby hospital. The next morning Liam awoke to a sound of rustling leaves. he looked over his shoulder and saw a black widow crawling on his arm. Frightened he slapped it away, and it fell right into the trash can, a perfect symbolic representation for the spider’s purpose.
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    Weirdhead Novice
    Hmm. Nice.
  • i made this a while back. its not finished yet.

    ~Just for the fun of it

    Chapter One

    At first I ran. Now I walk. I'm used to the trash they throw at me, and the names they call me. My name is Axel. I'm a girl even though I have a boy name. I absolutely hate my name. I wish I had a name like all the other girls. They all have names like Lily and Emily. Girl names. But this isn’t about names. No. This is about my life through out my middle school and high school years. But before that, let me tell you a little about myself. My name as I said before is Axel. I have Dark brown hair and green eyes. I always wear jeans and T-shirts and the occasional sweater or jacket. During my elementary school years, no one bullied, or teased me. I guess we were all just to young to pay much attention to things like that. In fact even though I'm a bit of a geek, I had lots of friends. I was sort of a “popular kid”. Kids back then didn't care about what you wore, or what you liked. Everyone was just so innocent and pure. I wish it was still like that, but sadly it’s not. As soon as I got into 6th grade almost everything thing changed, the only things that stayed the same were me and my best friend Nyx. We had the same styles, personalities, and we played the same games. But, as all things do, Nyx slowly but surely started to change. She started to wear all the coolest trends and hang out with the most popular kids. Soon I had lost my only friend. I quickly realized that nobody really liked me. About halfway through the school year in science one of the coolest kids, Mia, said with a mean grin “ You know that Nyx was only friends with you because she felt bad for you right?” When I heard this my heart broke a little. All I said was “really?” “Yea, it was kinda stupid of you to think she actually liked you.” She said with a evil sneer. “Oh” was all I could muster. I tried so hard to hold back my tears. Lucky for me the bell rang. I quickly grabbed my stuff and rushed out. I ran straight to the nearest girls bathroom. “Looks like my luck ran out..” I thought as soon as I saw who was in there. “Oh, hey Axel.” said Nyx. I noticed that she looked a little guilty when she saw me. I stood there for a little before running out. I heard one of the other girls say, “ What’s her deal?” I ran to the office and called home sick. My mom knew something was up. “You never call in sick!” I just shrugged. As soon as we got home I ran inside and into my room to play some video games. Soon after, my mom knocked on my door to ask if I wanted anything from the store. “Just a freezie please.”, “Ok.” she said with a sigh.~
    kinda makes me cringe
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    boss baby Novice
    this story is 41 percent good
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    goodgirlo Novice
    I've never done this before, but I'll give it a shot:

    (BTW, this is from a fictional character's perspective, not mine)
    My name is Lina Ellington. I'm a seventh grade student at 6th Street Middle School. My parents are the richest couple in town, so everybody assumes I'm the happiest person on Earth, but that's not true. In fact, lately it's been pretty miserable. My parents have been arguing more and more, and I'm worried that they'll get a divorce.
    I've been staying at my grandparents' house at night, and walking to school every morning with my best friend Leslie, the only person in the world that I feel I can really count on. She's super sweet, funny, and understanding, and doesn't treat me like I'm different from other kids just because my family is rich. This morning she cheers me up with a joke after a particularly hard night. I overheard my grandparents talking in hushed voice about my mom and dad. I couldn't make out exactly what they were saying, but it sounded serious. That all seems to melt away, however, as Leslie and I laugh together. We reach the school doors and walk inside. "What's our first class?" you ask her. She looks down at her schedule and replies, "I think we're in Algebra together." Behind us, a boy says, "Algebra? Lucky you. I've got Science." "Aw, come on, science is great!" another boy's voice says. I freeze at the sound of that boy's voice, and my stomach starts tingling like I've just swallowed a cold block of ice. I abruptly start walking quickly, away from the two boys. "Come on, Leslie," I mutter, my cheeks flushing bright red. I'm sitting down in my chair in algebra class before the bell has even rung. Leslie comes in after me and slides into the seat next to me. "Were you running because that was Jon?" she asks. "I wasn't running," I protest, blushing even harder. "You know, running away from him isn't going to get him to notice you," Leslie tells me. The bell rings right then, and I grab my backpack and pull out my textbook before she can press the matter further. The teacher comes in and sits down at her desk. During class, I start to become worried about my parents again, but I try to push it aside. I feel like this for the rest of the day, and even when they serve chocolate cookies in the cafeteria at lunch and Jon walks up to me and says that he likes my necklace, I only feel happy for a little while. At the end of the school day, I walk outside and find my mom's driver waiting to pick me up in her limo. I climb in, and my mom's sitting in the back seat. "Hello, Lina," she says, and pats the seat next to her, inviting me to sit down. I reluctantly do, and she tells me, "I thought we could go on a little vacation together this weekend. Maybe to the coast?" "What about Dad?" you ask. My mother bites her lip. "He's going to stay with your grandparents." I open my mouth to ask more, but that's when the bullets start hitting our car. I scream out, but it's too late. The driver has already keeled over in the front seat. The bullets pelt our windows, the glass shattering so rapidly it's like it was never there. A bullet grazes the crook of my elbow, and I stare in horror at the blood running down my sleeve. "MOM!" I yell out in terror. I turn and see my mom with her hands clasped to her chest, the entire front of her shirt covered with blood. I cry out, and my entire world spins around me.
    The rest of it happens in a blur. The police arrive and take the shooters away. An ambulance comes next, and the doctors confirm that it is too late to save my mother and the driver. I'm screaming the whole way to the hospital. And as they take me into a room and treat my arm, which is apparently much more serious than I gave it credit for in the moment of the shooting, I'm still screaming. I don't know what I say, but I don't think I want to. Eventually, hours and hours later, I lose my voice and collapse into my bed. The tears flow silently out of my eyes as I slip into a restless sleep. I don't know what I'm going to do now.
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    goodgirlo Novice
    Zelda fanatic16 I really like your story.

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