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    Magie Magic Senior
    Omi was a nurse in the battle feild of World War Two. She was thirteen when 5he war began. When she was a teenage girl she would hide Jews in her barn. She lived next to a Nazi war camp. She would cross mine fields in order to visit her friends. She would look up in the sky every day, afraid of nazis coming in their plane to take her home. Afraid of nazis invading her home and raping or killing or torcherung her family. Bombs and gun shots could be heard in the distance as she worked the garden, stables, and live stock day in and day out.

    When Omi was an adult she was a nurse in the battlefields. That was where she met my Opi, a Canadian soldier. They fell in love and had a daughter. Jenny Harryette Peocock. Omi moved from Holland to live with Opi and her daughter in Canada. She also had two sons. One was named Rick, I dont know the others name. Her third child died of a heart attack. Jenny had two sons, Michael Steven Mckelvy and Mark Mckelvy. Her husband is named David Michael McKelvy. Jenny often looked after Connie McKelvy. Who was like a daughter to Jenny.

    Opi had a heart attack and died. After an active social life, Mike met a woman named Adele Lynn Johnston online. They fell in love and had two children. Adele already had a son named David Thomas Johnston and Jessica Alexes Crawford. Mike is now the step father to Jessica and David and the father to Steven Robert James McKelvy and Natasha Anne Merry Johnston. Natashas Autism was clear since birth. However I wasnt diagnosed until the age of three.

    Omi and I became very close. She liked me because I reminded her of herself. I loved all the artifacts she owned. From her fancy toy cars to her beautiful tea set. Unfortunately I never got to use it. Omi said I was very honest because when she asked me things like if I liked her earrings, and I didnt, I would answer no, not really. Then she would tell me not to say things like that. I would reply with Then why did you ask?

    Omi got very sick when I was five. We visited her in the hospital. I remember Dad telling me not to touch the toys in the hospital because they could have germs. I brought Omi a chocolate O as a get well soon gift. She said Thankyou Tasha. I was the last person she could remember.

    I remember walking out of the hospital. It was night time. I was supposed to sleep in the car as we drove back to Omas but I was looking out the window at the stars instead. Dad was a bit angry and mom was either laughing her crying or both as she told Oma over the phone that I was the only person Omi remembered.

    I didnt know why we were in the building as I was sent to the building. I just knew I had to wear a scratchy black dress because it was respectful. And Dad was in a really bad mood when we drove there. My cousins, brother and I went to another room to play. Dad and Uncle Rick were trying to play a movie for us in the bright orange play room. When we were done there we went to a room with lots of deserts. Most of it was stuff like carrot cake. I tried the carrot cake but didnt really like it.

    Then we went to a room with many chairs. There was a coffin at the end of the room. I then realised why we were there. Mom and Dad told me that Omi was dead. But I didnt believe them. I didnt really know what dead meant. But when I stood there I finally understood what they meant by dead. It was the first time I lost someone important to me.

    Many people were sad there. Many people placed tiny toys and flowers in Omis coffin. I told Oma that I didnt have anything to put in there. So she gave me an angle ornament. Is that what Omi looks like now? I remember asking her. Oma nodded as I put it in. I looked inside and looked at Omi. I remembered in the movie Tangled she used her tears to bring her prince to life. Before I could try that Mom took me to our seats. We sat at the right side of the room.

    I cried as a man talked about how Omi was dead. How Omi was in a better place now. Then he played a song sang by the angels. He said it was a message from the angels. I felt a bit angry because the angels sounded happy. I started to scream and yell at the angels for being happy that my Omi was dead.

    When we arrived at the burying I had a melt down. Mom explained to me about how they were going to bury Omi. I wanted to stop them because I knew that once they buried Omi I would never see her again. I wanted to open the coffin. I wanted to at least see her again. I tried to run over but my mom held me back. I began to thrash around and scream as the held me back and the man talked about Omi as they buried her.

    Yenny Peocock was a daughter, sister to two brothers and a sister, wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She was a nurse, a fighter, and a hero to many. She was very brave and kind.
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    Magie Magic Senior
    I want to respect my Omi. So I cannot sing christmas songs until after November eleventh. Many of my peers think Im being silly for respecting my family.
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    Magie Magic Senior
    I love Christmas. But my respect for my family is more than that.
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    I don't see why your peers would think you're silly for respecting your family. That's pretty much part of the point of Christmas to begin with. I, my friend, respect you for respecting your family.
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    Magie Magic Senior

    They keep arguing with me when I politely ask them not to sing Christmas songs until after the eleventh. Then they laugh and play Christmas songs.

    Oh well. Two more days and I wont have to worry about Christmas songs. I can sing them all I want on Sunday! Actually... Make that Monday because my brother doesnt let me sing at home.

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