Which of these should I go with for my english project

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Thread Topic: Which of these should I go with for my english project

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    It's on mythical creatures and my partners requested to not be included so no matter what happens he is getting an F minus and if I pass im getting the double points

    Plot one : the tale of the last dragon.

    A farm girl who lives close to the city decides unstead of going shopping to go on a camping trip with two friends

    They decide to camp in a cave at night

    They encounter a dragon known as the last dragon of the forest they have to help the dragon before it is destroyed by a unicorn of the forest

    Plot : 2 the prophecy

    There is a group of friends four girls two boys they have went on vacation together and for the first time it's not with the other orphans becuase they are legally of age

    During this trip slowly each one starts to dissaper into different areas one in the forest

    One in a cave

    One in the ocean

    One on a mountain

    And the final one is taken to the land of nature where she meets up with her friends again and they discover a prophecy about them

    " a war will plague the sacred earth
    Strangers from different lands
    Come together to make the pledge
    The elements will be their guide
    Water and fire the first two recive
    Earth and air for the second pair
    The final two recive instead
    A balance to be kept between them
    They think that's the whole prophecy but the final oart wasn't told to them

    " a single word to be uttered by a single dying breath
    A fallen tear will dissapear
    Due to the spite of death
    The second will perish
    And time will pass the ruins
    Will show their final wish
    In balanced the elements left
    Until that wish is kept and done
    A vanquished enemy from the sun "

    I will give little parts from the story to showcase what they will be like
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    Oops forgot a person

    One in the mist
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    Zelda fanatic16 Advanced
    The second one sounds more interesting to me.
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    Thanks that's the one im going with the first one was rushed

    For the project we had to pull things out of a hat that we could use for an idea I got last , farm girl and reptile

    Or we could just make it up our selves which is what I did for plot 2
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    Zelda fanatic16 Advanced
    You're welcome. Alright.
    Not bad for coming up with that.
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    Fluffy Novice
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    midnightkobra Advanced
    1st one definitely sounds a lot better. I guess I like unicorns and dragons more than, you know, prophecies and generally things that focus around "the four elements" (except Avatar). But looks like you've already chosen, so I don't even know why I might think you should care.
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    ColliesRule35 Novice
    I say the second.
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    I care becuase it can help me for this weeks task pick a story already written down by us hand it in so I will use taht one thank you

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