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    LOL yeah you know rebekahgilman hasn't been here in forever either. *sigh* GTQ people disappearing into the abyss again lol
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    *Walks in Randomly*
    OK, I'm a newb, but I'm kinda a friend to ya, right?
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    LMAO bambs! And yesh roady, ur meh friend!
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    *Feels uncomfortable and walks out*
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    was it something i said?
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  • I can't take more of this pain, there's nowhere to go in this heart that's filled with locks and chains, can't you see, i'm all alone, no one understands me,
    I feel like dying
    I feel like crying
    I feel like flying away from the pain
    I can't understand why I'm alive
    I feel like dying
    I feel like crying
    I dry my tears out of my eyes
    I fear that i will commit suicide
    I stand in the rain where it drains every lasting breath
    It takes all the lasting memories
    And it takes every piece of my heart away
    Can't you see that I'm dying inside?
    I'm alone in the dark where shadows hide
    They hide inside the darkness of loneliness.

    Please if you have nothing nice to say me then say it....
    I'm already dead inside.....
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    The knife lays on the counter,
    whispering my name,
    its blade itching for my wrist.
    I try to pull back,
    but it never works...
    The knife flies in my hand,
    cuts into my flesh.
    It hurts for a while,
    but then the soothed feeling
    tells me,
    "You're okay."

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