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    Bambi Novice
    LoL I don't like rhyming stuff.
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    Carri04 Novice
    Thanks roady and WHY NOT BAMBS I LOVE RHYMING
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    rachcab21 Novice
    I Love...

    I love music.
    I love my friends.
    I love my family.
    I love dancing like crazy.
    I love singing randomly.
    I love listening 2 my favorite songs.
    I love being random.
    I love being me.
    I love hanging out with my friends.
    I love being funny.
    I love brightening the mood.
    I love making people laugh.
    I love having fun.
    I love it when I'm happy.
    I love it when I do less work.
    I love it when I win a prize.
    I love it when I get a award.
    I love it when I get compliments.
    I love it when people do things 4 me.
    I love it when someone says my name in a nice soft tone at the right time.
    I love laughing.
    I love playing my guitar.
    I love getting good grades.
    I love CANDY!
    I love getting a Slurpee from 7 11.
    I love walking.
    I love running.
    I love beating the guys.
    I love it when I finish a test.
    I love it when I could relax and 4get about everything.
    I love watching the sunset.
    I love being 2gether with my friends and family.
    I love acting.
    I love performing in front of a huge audience.
    I love being bright.
    I love coming up with new things.
    I love dancing in my underpants. (Haha. U guys asked.)
    I love it when a guy checks out a girl and ends up hitting his face on the wall or falling on the floor.
    I love funny guys.
    I love classy guys.
    I love smart guys.
    I love sensitive guys.
    I love holidays!
    I love feeling good after a good nights sleep or a shower.
    I love thinking about things when I'm walking.
    I love shouting out random things around my neighborhood and run around like crazy in the rain.
    I love getting ready 4 anything.
    I love it when my friends call my name in a whisper and pretends that a ghost said my name (inside joke. It's HILARIOUS!)
    I love it when I do my secret handshake with my best friends cuz it's really epic.
    I love feeling clean.
    I love singing with my music.
    I love learning something new.
    I love creating something new.
    I love it when I we meet in here at the same time and chat like there is no tomorrow.
    I love coming on the pc everyday.
    I love love getting help.
    I love it when some1 cares about me.
    I love it when I'm alone in my room or in the library chilling.
    I love it when I get a text everyday from my friends.
    I love it when u guys go random and act funny.
    I love it when people talk 2 me, not when I talk 2 people.
    I love it when T#j$ sounds sssoooo &h$o%t. (LOL! I had 2 do that. Hahaha. Hope u guys noticed what it said.)
    I love it when I'm wide awake.
    I love it when I feel like I had accomplished a goal or something.
    I love guys who r straight.
    I love being open 2 new opportunities.
    I love field trips!
    I love being weird.

    Oops...That wasn't it. That had actually happened right now. Crap! That was really good gum! Aww...blueberry flavor. Aww...


    I love messing with my guy friends hair.
    I love texting in class when I'm not suppose 2.
    I love being sneaky.
    I love being in love.
    I love having confidence in myself.
    I love taking risks.
    I love Tj! ;)
    I love being me.
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    rachcab21 Novice
    *reads it over* I hav a lot of mistakes, but this will do.

    Aww...MY GUM!!!!!!!!
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    I like music Newbie
    This time I actually read it.
    So the first thing you said you loved was me, was it? Oh, just joking! I love music too, Pink rocks!
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    I like music Newbie
    No really, I know what you meant, it was just a lame joke.
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    rachcab21 Novice
    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't lame. Hahaha! That was funny! I knew what ya meant.
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    I like music Newbie
    OK good.
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    Bambi Novice
    You forgot "I love Bambi" LoL
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    Jtb1996 Novice
    =O bambi has a point. u forgot about me, bambi, ana, roady and maybe carri =D. lol i loved that poem so funny
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    Jtb1996 Novice
    it wasn't supposed to rhyme carri (my poem). so eh. jeez i had to hand in something for english psh. but back to rush. *claps*
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    Carri04 Novice
    I know, I was reffering to when u said "I SUCK AT RHYMING"
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    I like music Newbie
    Yeah it isn't emoish, ignore Hikaru, she does that to everyone. Especially me, but I piss her off more than she does me, and look! She's making baby stories that she can take over the world!
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    Hikaru Katsu Novice
    I wasn't talking to her, I was just making a comment of my own for those ignorant people who try so hardly to be emo and write there little faggotry. I have friends that are emo, and that don't do that s---.
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    vampgirl14 Novice
    again just shut the f--- up if u wanna be a damn b---- please go some were else cause is any ones tryin to be emo its YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!

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