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Thread Topic: Poems

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    sapphiretwirl Novice
    Your world is crashing
    as my hads slowly press
    hard againts you throat
    as if everyone of you
    lest breathes were liquid
    and they're slowly dripping
    out of you body
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    sapphiretwirl Novice
    Somehow i feel like
    im internaly dying
    suffering on the inside
    but look perfectly fine
    on the outside
    somehow i feel like
    the whole world
    is useless and
    have no use living
    but you change that
    you make me feel
    the will to live
    the will to move on
    to not give up
    but if on day your gone
    it all comes to an end
    and my whole world
    will shatter and blow
    in a million peices.
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    sapphiretwirl Novice
    Soon very soon
    i will be freed
    from this hell
    soon very soon
    i will not have to
    handle the world
    and the people
    on it
    soon very soon
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    I like music Novice
    Very nice poems, Saphire. You should try getting them published, I told you how.
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    Biance Newbie
    I agree with ILM. Those are very good poems.
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    I like music Novice
    *Groan* I wish I could write poems like that, but they end up like a load of f---ing s---, I mean it.
  • emowolf13 Newbie
    Those are very good poems Saphire. And ILM I think you can do anything you set your mind to.
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    I like music Novice
    Fine, go read my poems and tell them if they're that good.
    Go read my short stories and see if they're some Shakespear.
    Go on then, and see just how wrong you are.
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    emowolf13 Newbie
    I think everyone has nice poems on here.
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    sapphiretwirl Novice
    ILM you wishu could write poetry like me but i wish i could write music like you =)
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    I like music Novice
    Aww, thanks Saphi! You just made me smile!
  • DarthVader Newbie
    those are really good poems, Saphire, but they're really sad :( good job, though.
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    Biance Novice
    Agian Sapphire,nice poems.
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    sapphiretwirl Novice
    its just i was depressed at the time when i wrote them
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    Anastasia Novice
    This is more of a song but it can also be taken as a poem about how I feel honestly right now. Enjoy ^-^

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