Swearing in other languages.

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Thread Topic: Swearing in other languages.

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    I like music Novice
    Zekah - Arabic word for 'Sh1t'
    Chelba - Arabic word for 'B1tch'
    Jins - Arabic word for 'fuk'
    Teez - Arabic word for 'Ass' (Like bum)
    Himmar - Arabic word for 'Ass hole'
    Gabee - Arabic word for 'Retard'
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    Anastasia Novice
    Kuso - Japanese word for "sh1t"
    Baka - Japanese word for "fool/idiot"

    That's all I know right now
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    Haileigh Newbie
    Shackalacka-Spanish word for "shiz"
    Baka-Spanish word for "cow"(It's not really a swear word)
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    lilfreakgryl Newbie
    I know what Celba meant anyways!! It's so nice that yuu know this too :) also Teez. L0L!
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    Hatshepsut237 Newbie
    Culo Tonto-Spanish for dumb@$$
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    bunniesrule Novice
    Dura - stupid in Russian
    Suka - B1tch in Russian
    Bliad - whore in Russian
  • TayuyaTerra Newbie
    Sfebe-B!tch in Xhosa
    Voestek-f--- off in Afrikaans
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    Hiccstrid Novice
    Mierda--Spanish for s h i t
    I kept wanting to laugh during the first time I watched Brave cuz Merida sounds like Mierda
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    Seeing my old post here makes me want to cringe, but also smile. x3
  • FrenchGirl Newbie
    like when you hurt yourself or are angry at something or someone
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    Etini Novice
    Baka : dumb, stupid

    bakayaro and bakatare basically mean the same thing

    (P.S.: these aren't really sware words so ya
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    Sphinx Experienced
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    AllHailLelouch Advanced
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    otvyahzhis- " fuk off " in Russian
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    funniebunnie01 Hot Shot
    Actually, I think "otvail" means "f--- off" or "Get Lost" in Russian.

    To my knowledge, "otvyahzhis" isn't even anything in Russian? Unless if I'm mistaken.

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