The ~NO~ Thread

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Thread Topic: The ~NO~ Thread

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    Lynetta Novice
    Talk about cars, bikes, anything related to vehicles or mechanical devices.
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    Lynetta Novice
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    Lynetta Novice
  • Vector Newbie
    I don't know why its called the "NO" thread.
  • Stardust1 Novice
    My bike is pretty. The garage forum is empty. So, yeah that's why I'm posting.
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    Mac1014 Experienced
    My father has a motercycle
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    Lil Kitty Novice
    My dad has a ford mondeo
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    Stardust1 Novice
    Well my family finally bought a second car. We've had a single car between our family for 9 years, so now it's become a big deal. Yay, get excited. At least we're not stuck at home as much.
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    Mac1014 Advanced
    My brother crashed my moms car......
    We got a new car...........
    It's way better than the old one.......
    But my mom loved that car.......
    IT had a new battery.....
    And was just about payed off........
    I was going to get it also...................

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