In need of recipes.

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Thread Topic: In need of recipes.

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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Ok I struggle with eating heavy and rich meals currently.
    So I'm in need of Healthy but filling meals that I can eat without being sick.

    Here's a short list of things I can and can't eat there is more that I can buy it's not really important.

    Overly sweet things
    Cooked roast beef ( The sandwhich meat however I can eat)
    Cooked carrots
    Thingy with a mushy texture like bananas
    Soups with a thick and mushy texture

    White meats
    All other fruit and vegetables
    I can eat red meat but do prefer white meat
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    cheese biscuit
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    Wait I have a really good cookbook I'm gonna try and find you something good
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    WolfLove Hot Shot
    chicken stirfry
    you pick vegetables
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    Idk if these are any good but I hope they at least inspire you!!
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Thanks Seth! Those are really good suggestions actually. I think we have potatoes so I think I'll be trying that one first when I can. Probably with chicken or Prawns if we have either of those.

    Thanks Wolf I think Stir fry will be a good one as well I'll probably eat that on Thursday if I can't get all of the things to make it.
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    I'm glad I could be of some help. ^^

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