Maybe it would be helpful to have some sort of list of mods

Thread Topic: Maybe it would be helpful to have some sort of list of mods

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    Just an idea
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    Faceless Knight Advanced
    by that gets updated when things change are you just talking about when there's new mods and when mods quit or are you also talking about stuff like mods going on break?
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    When they are added or when they quit, I guess.
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    And maybe when they'll be electing new mods to add (if that's even a thing that they do)
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    mcqueen Senior
    When moderators go on break, an announcement is made in the Mod Check-In Thread.

    For your convenience, here is the most recent list of active moderators:

    DarkIsTheCat (Hiatus)
    Faceless Knight
    MusedJade (Hiatus)
    RainInTheShadows (Hiatus)
    The Coldest Sun
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    Okay thanks! Sorry.
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    Atticus Advanced
    What does Hiatus mean?
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    Acrimony Advanced
    To have a hiatus means to have a break.

    So if any moderator has (hiatus) next to their name, it means they're having a break from moderation, and will not be doing any moderator work for the time being. The same applies for if any moderator has announced their (or another moderators) break or hiatus in our check in thread :) hope this helps.

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