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    BloodOnMyHands Advanced
    Uh I went on Reddit under the pen pal community (Redditor 4 redditor) and met a girl there she’s from Italy I’m keeping her city offline though because I’m working on not putting everything online.

    We’ve been Video calling/ emailing each other since January. She’s very colorful and what most would describe as a soft girl? She has the huge circle glasses and everything. ^_^ even though I normally am attracted to very edgy girls that are into metal/hardcore the two of us seem to click. She’s the same age as me.

    The time zones are a bit of a hassle, everything has gone nice. I have met her sister and mom on skype and they seem to actually like me.

    My plan is to go to get a passport and go on vacation and meet up with her in December since I’m an adult now/ don’t really have anyone here in the us to spend holidays with. So far I have 40% of the money needed saved up. I will honestly probably have to get 2 jobs but it’ll be worth it!

    Even though we have been dating for a short time I genuinely feel loved and her accent gives me life. I really hope we work out.


    R4R really does work
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    Ericat Junior
    So I know about 3 months ago, I said I liked that kid Jay?

    Well I realized a few days ago I liked someone else, and that Jay treated me bad and barely paid attention to me.

    So the person I like now (we'll call him Jack, because I never put anyone's actual names on here) is actually my friend, and he pays more attention to me. He's on my cross country team, so here are things we have in common...

    1. We're both on cross country
    2. We both LIKE cross country
    3. We like running
    4. We "strongly dislike" -if ya know what I mean- our new chromebook password (the school sets it up, not us)
    5. He acts alot like me as well.
  • wavyysnap Newbie
    Love is just a social construct
    It doesn’t exist
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    Ericat Junior
    Well I politely and strongly disagree with your opinion.
    *Crosses arms*
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    therealminime Senior
    Shoot your shot!
  • CreateGalaxy Newbie
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    therealminime Senior
    Refer to this for my most recent experience
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    therealminime Senior
    Love is confusing

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