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  • "I’m gonna play as Axel."
  • Angel's Journey
    "name: Nickname: Weapon: Looks: Age: Personality: Likes: Dislikes:"
  • Hey girl hey.
  • The Gun & The Flower~
    "Here's a link to my Character --> ..."
  • The World On Gamble
    "Gambler yawned and his eyelids got heavy , smiling."
  • hey DemonWolf?
    "Blake smiled and nuzzling razor "so warm..""
  • hey DemonWolf?
    "Blake carried Razor into the cabin & sits on the bed , smiling "im so lucky.." He huffed and nuzzles razor."
  • The World On Gamble
    "Gambler blushed lightly and sat next to Shatter and hugged him outside the snowstorm blew hard."
  • hey DemonWolf?
    "Blake's cheeks were red as he rubbed his head. "heh i love you more." Blake smiled and kissed razor's lips."
  • The World On Gamble
    "Gambler smiled and hugged back , and then hugged Kati"
  • hey DemonWolf?
    "Blake soon woke up changing his form and kissed Razor, "morning sweetie~" Blake soon finished the shed & held razor close. "so much beau..."
  • The World On Gamble
    "It was a pocket watch made out of a light metal opening it, it powers Shatter and also had a picture of us inside of it"
  • hey DemonWolf?
    "Blake mumbled in his sleep and my paw twitched , smiling"
  • The World On Gamble
    "Gambler sat by the entrance and began to think"
  • hey DemonWolf?
    "" fine.." turns into a wolf and nuzzled you purring lowly... "so soft...""

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