The first Anime you watched.

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Thread Topic: The first Anime you watched.

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    kwright Advanced
    I know I've watched others before this one but I don't know what they were called.

    Ouran High School Host Club.
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    Appayipyip42 Advanced
    Really watched and not just 5 minutes of it- Inuyasha
    5 minutes- Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
  • Jalexandroid Newbie
    Mines definitely a weird and random but stupidly hilarious one named Bobobobobobobo
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    love54 Novice
    The first anime I've watched... Yu Yu Hakusho
    My brother loved it and would watch it all the time, and I watched it with him!
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    HoneySenpai_ Junior
    One Piece, Inuyasha and Naruto.

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