If you could be an anime character for one day...

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Thread Topic: If you could be an anime character for one day...

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    Me be Belarus, from Hetalia..
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    Lol, emma
    I'd Be belarus or Ukraine, idk..
  • Edward Elric-Fullmetal Alchemist. (Yes I'm a girl i dont care!P
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    dogsbuddy Junior
  • HoneySenpai Newbie
    I would either be:

    Touka from Tokyo Ghoul
    Haruhi Fujioka from Ohshc
    Belarus from Hetalia
    Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki
  • mia33222 Newbie
    Sinon from SAO 2,
    Asuna or Yuno from SAO and Mirai Nikki if my crush is Kirito or Yuki
    That pink haited girl from Tantei Opera Milky Holmes,
    Hinata or Mou from Mirai Nikki
    Sakura from Naruto,
    and Kokoro from Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.
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    Aries Hageki Newbie
    Haruhi -OHSHC
    Celty -Durarara
    Tsubaki -Mirai Nikki
    Lucy -Fairy Tail
    Eto -Tokyo Ghoul
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    absol heart Senior
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    Aries Hageki Newbie
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    Zankyou315 Novice
    Sasuke-Naruto Shippiden
    Madara- ^
    Twelve-Zankyou no Terror
    Nine-Zankyou no Terror
    L-Death Note
    Ayato-Diabolik Lovers

    (Hehe these are all guys but Idc :P I'm a girl btw)
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    Br0wnieBunny Hot Shot
    Nagisa Shingetsu oh my god
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    Jade66sick Junior
    I forgot his name, but he's the guy who makes the masks in Tokyo Ghoul.
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    Aries Hageki Newbie
    ^ You mean Uta?
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    Charity Junior
    Death the kid.

    Don't care if he's a guy. I'll happily be a guy.
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    Aries Hageki Newbie
    ^ true dat

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