So I heard it was "anime" not "animes".

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Thread Topic: So I heard it was "anime" not "animes".

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    rvelez Hot Shot
    And many "otaku" not many otakus".

    "I watched tons of animes."
    "I watched tons of anime."

    Many "manga" not many "mangas".

    So you don't add the "s" at the end to these words. Because they are singular AND plural?
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    Luna Siren Advanced
    I call anime and manga just that, whether it's singular or plural.
    But I didn't know that the word otaku followed the same rule. I didn't think that it did.
  • Johan Rex Novice
    I always use anime for singular and anime shows for plural but I've never used animes
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    rvelez Hot Shot
    Oh. Well some YouTuber said it did. I'm just following what he said.

    Okay. Got'cha.

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    MyEternalRage Experienced
    *In the above post, I'd like to add that this hiragana character
    is actually just the long sound of "e", and is regarded as "i". More accurately, it would be "ii". Does that make any sense? Just thought I'd tell you, so you don't write "ee" in Romaji or get confused.
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    Luna Siren Advanced
    Oh, I wasn't questioning you, more myself. I found it interesting that otaku followed that rule.

    As for the yaoi thing:
    You speak every hiragana character. I'm still in the earlier stages of learning hiragana, but I know how to read and pronounce vowels and many other characters that involve a vowel and another letter (ga, go, gu, ka, ko, ku, etc).
    A romanji translation of the hiragana for yaoi would be: Ya-o-i
    If you know how to pronounce vowels in Japanese, then it's easy to pronounce.
    A is pronounced "ah."
    E is pronounced "eh."
    O is pronounced "oh."
    I is pronounced "ee."
    U is pronounced "oo." (Think of it as how the "ou" in "you" in pronounced.)

    Therefore it would be pronounced: Yah-oh-ee
    I think of the pronunciation as "yah-oi," as "oi" is a commonly used word in anime, so it's an easy reference point.
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    MyEternalRage Experienced
    romaji is hard
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    rvelez Hot Shot
    Omg thank you guys. So I say it the correct way. I'm so relieved. xD
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    Jade66sick Experienced
    I never thought about but it does sound odd "Animes" lol

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