What is your favorite Anime???

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Thread Topic: What is your favorite Anime???

  • Naruto Shippuden
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    Bonnie Fan Novice
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    love54 Junior
    One piece is officially on my list.
  • yorick13 Newbie
    one punch man
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    Ghetto Advanced
    I really like the devil is a part-timer and kekkai sensen?? like wow those are some top quality anime believe me yo
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    crays48 Novice
    Your Lie In April and Death Note.
  • Infinity 1000 Novice
    Fate/ Zero
  • rainbowkitty1 Newbie
    Sorry but. Notice me Senpai!!!!
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    Haleigh Newbie
    Death Note and SoulEaters r ma fav.
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    Haleigh Newbie
    SOULEATERS!!!!! my fave are
    Black Star
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    Haleigh Newbie
  • Stephen1601 Newbie
    Can't choose between

    Sword Art Online
    Death Note
    Attack on Titan
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Bleach , Durarara, a lot of the magical girl genre ( Guilty pleasure.) , death note , Elfen lied , To ghoul and fairy tail. Tehre are more but I can't think.
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    TayuyaTerra Junior
    "Attack On Titan", so far

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