who was your first anime crush?

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Thread Topic: who was your first anime crush?

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    Marceline 101 Novice
    I think it was naruto it was the first anime show I watched
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    Marceline 101 Novice
  • TayuyaTerra Novice
    Sasuke Uchiha all the way (lol)
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    Yukinari from Girls Bravo.
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    gherkinsgodhorse Advanced
    Ash from Pokemon
  • Lexiek Novice
    NARUTO UZAMAKI from Naruto always... ive loved him for since i can rmember, and ill love him till the very nanosecond i die....
  • MidNight20090 Newbie
    Piccolo from DBZ or Italy from Hetaila.
  • sademogirl Newbie
    Kirito from sword art online
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    Dude I don't even know

    It' was probably either France, Germany, Russia, or Prussia from Hetalia

    I think I had a crush on all four of them at the same time? xD IDEK

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