Ever wanted to watch Mirai Nikki?

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Thread Topic: Ever wanted to watch Mirai Nikki?

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    VegeKaka Hot Shot
    Now you can just watch this and get the whole plot of it.

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    Niecey Novice
    this anime is one of my "do not watch" anime

    it seems shallow, and i hate the pink haired girl so much
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    Jazzy0627 Novice
    yuki! lol
  • mia33222 Newbie
    I have, so ill spoil it for everyone, kk?

    Yuki becomes god at the end. HA!
  • TayuyaTerra Novice
    Don't even know what that is (lol)
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    love54 Novice
    Never watched it... is it good?
  • Nikt Novice
    I watched last episode yesterday. It's great. It has some so sad or so beautyful or so funny moments... Really, I must watch it at night because I don't want my family to stare at me like I'm crazy (laughing so hard or sometimes crying), and they hate anime...

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