Forever and Always pt.5

Okay guys it took me a while to wright this part and thank bob its out right? Lol well... anyways as i was saying, I need to type more for this dumb thing to let me through and there! Enjoy!:)

Guys Description: Alex: Ocean blue eyes, Jet black hair, tall, tan, wellbuilt, and a flirt. Chris: Hazel eyes, Blond hair w/ black streaks, nice tan, tall, lean but well built, and protective. Nick: Violet eyes, Dark brown hair, also tan, tall, well built, and charming. Jason: Soft green eyes, Jet black hair, pale, tall, lean but well built, and compassionate.

Created by: 33iZZy18
  1. You wake up and see the time it's 6 am. It's your natural alarm clock on the inside that woke you because, since you started working two years ago you trained yourself to wake up early. You just lay there looking blankly at the ceiling taking in the last 3 days and still can't grasp that your brother is gone. You have the urge to go to the kitchen to start cooking. You get up and walk to the huge kitchen. You hear faint snores from the other rooms and laugh at yourself. You want to cook for the guys to thank them and assum that they cant cook. You walk to the frige and get out some eggs, bacon, and bagels. You start to cook the eggs and bacon first. When the eggs are almost done you feel as if someone is watching you. You quickly turn around and see that it's Nick with his shirt off and in boxers. You smile in releif "Good morning." He looks at you with grogy eyes "Good morning beautiful." You blush and go back to cooking He sits at the counter "Why are you cooking so early?" "It's just out of habit. I always wake up around cook for my brother." He looks puzzled "Isn't that your moms job?" You take in a deep breath to keep from crying.
  2. "It's a long story." You don't look at him then he says "Well, we got loads of time." He smiles and you assum hes just trying to be nice. You think to yourself 'Okay ______ time to put that one semester of reverse phsycology to work.' "Why don't you tell me about your parents." You smile as you put a lid on the eggs to keep from getting cold. He says "I hate my parents." "What why?" "My dad is an alcoholic and would always beat the s--- out of me and my mom would never do anything about it. When I turned 13 i had enough and ran away. When I got to a small town called Blackrock there was a man and he said to me "I've been waiting a long time for you." His name is Cyrus and he became my true father in my eyes and when i turned 15 he told me about all the history and about my powers. At first i thought he was crazy and didn't beleive him then weird things started happening so evetually i beleived him and he trained me till about 3 weeks ago... he was taken."
  3. You see that he's about to cry you go up to him and hug him he hugs you back but really tight you let go of the hug and see Alex holding the huge plate of bacon and chewing "Save some for the rest of us!" You take the plate away. **FAST FORWARD** It's 5:00 and you have an hour before the your date with Chris. You lay out a couple of outfits and say to your self "What do I wear? I haven't been to a party in two years." You look at a Red spagitti top and you think to yourself 'This is really pretty, its hot outside anyways.' You put it on and put on some bootcut jeans and some casual black heals. You go to the bathroom and start curling your hair. When your done getting ready you look at yourself in the mirrior and feel satisfyed with the way you look.
  4. You walk outside and see Chris at your door about to knock. Then he looks at you and his mouth drops to the floor "Y-Y-You look very um-beautiful." You blush and say "Ready to go?" He nods and while your passing the living room the guys have their back towards you and you see that they're playing MW3. "Okay, guys we'll back in a little bit." Alex is the only one that answer "Uh-huh..." You shake your head and just walk out. When you get to the car you ask Chris "Where is this party at?" He sideways smiles at you "You'll see." Then he starts driving. You guys start talking about all the places you've traveled too and everything then it got to the topic of the takings "Where your parents taken?" He ask and you use raverse phsycololgy on him too. "What about your family? Do you have any silblings?" "No I don't I'm an only child and my parents are pretty much the center of my universe, and i use to have the prefect lif and about a year ago on my 15th birthday they told about everything and i immediatly beleived them and my dad was the one who really knew everything and taught me a few things, then about a month ago they were taken." You were about to confort him when he said "We're here."
  5. You see people dancing like crazy on the dance floor and the DJ was playing some hella pysa songs(For those of you who don't know what that means it means very mexicanish) You get outside and start walking with Chris towards the party then you hear some guys start whisteling at you and making kissy noises "Aye mami estas bein wapa." You couldn't understand what they were saying but Chris held you from the waist and flipped the guys off "What were they saying?" You ask "Nothing." Then Chris leads you to a group of people at one of the tables "Javier!" You hear chris shout out then a a very cute guy with brown eyes and brown hair comes up to him and says "Chris, how long has it been 3 years?" He says with a very strong accent. Chris smiles "A very long time and Javier I like you to meet ______, ______ this is Javier." You shake his hand and Javier says "Chris, tu novia es bein wapa." Chris smiles and punches him lightly on the shoulder "She's with me." "Don't worry about it, I got a girl friend myself-Vanessa!" Then a very pretty girl with olive tonned skin and black hair comes towards you guys. "Hi, I'm vanessa." Your relax a little because she speaks fluent english "Im _____ nice to meet you." "Chris I need to talk to you." Javier says then Chris says "But I really, wanted to dance." "Vanessa will watch her." "But-""Arato guey, it's important." Then Chrises face became seious then follows.
  6. You watch as Chris goes to a corner and talks to Javier "What are they talking about?" You ask Vanessa. She shrugs "Beats me but anyways, where are you from?" "New York." "Oh cool I've been there a few times I'm only here because of my dads bussiness trip..." You didn't pay much attention to her she seems a little annoying in a way but you wanted to be polite and keep nodding when she asks you a question. You keep staring at Chris and after about 10 minutes he walked back to you. "Hey do you want to dance?" He asks you with a smile his face "Of course I'll dance with you but the problem is I dont really know how to dance..." He takes your hand and leads to the dance floor "Just dance however you feel like no one is going to judge." Then a song comes on "What is this song called?" Chris starts dancing "It's called Inténtalo Me Prende." The music starts playing and it has an awesome beat to it the kind of beat that makes you want to move your hips and move your feet then you start dancing and Chris smiles and you start dancing and it seems like you could dance forever.
  7. When the song ends your dissapointed because you loved that song but more music starts playing and you and chris keep dancing and jumping around and Chris is right no one judges how you dance. After about 2 hours of dancing your butts off and having a good time you and Chris get really tired and head for the hotel. On your way back you keep talking about how much fun it was and practically not shuting up the whole way there. "We should so do that again." You say when your opening the door, he smiles and says "We should." "I gotta admit that the most fun i ever had in... forever!" You get to the kitchen and make yourself and Chris a sandwich you looks at the time and see that its 3 in the morning "Dam! Its wayyy past our bed time. Well-" You throw away the sandwich "That was so much fun and goodnight." You start heading for the door till Chris says "Wait!" "Yes?" You as you turn around. "I forgot something..." And he's now right in front of you "What did you forget?" "This-"He closes his eyes and kisses you. You've never had your first kiss and it felt weird but so good at the sametime you kiss him back. And you hear someone walk in and its Alex.
  8. "I'm sorry, but was i intterupting something?" He says coldly while giving the death glare to Chris you were about to say that its not what it looks like till Chris says "You got a problem?" "Right no your my problem." "Alex f--- off its not like ______ is your girlfriend." You know whats going to happen next then you get in the middle of them because they are in eachf others faces "Okay, guys lets chill for a moment and-" Then you here a boom and both of them are on the floor. Chris pushes Alex to the wall and Chris is about to charge when Alex makes a wall of ice then goes around and pushes Chris away with a connan ball of water and Chris mumbles "So, thats how you want to play." Then Chris starts shooting Alex with Fire balls and He doges them. Your about to go in the middle of it all when you feel a gust of wind blow you backwards and you see Jason and Nick "Why are they fighting?" Nick asks you say "It's because me and chris came back from a party and He kissed ma and Alex saw." "He kissed you?!" Nick asks with disbeleif and anger. "Don't worry about that! Separate them before they get hurt!" "Oh yea, don't want your little boyfiend to get hurt now would you?" Nick says in a harsh tone, you start tearing up. "Nick, shut up and lets just separate them and we could deal with this later." Jason says sounding rational.
  9. Jason runs into the chaos while Nick just looks at you and then he leaves. After a while of trying to separtate them they finally get them apart. Jason takes Alex and trys to talk to some sence into him and Nick Takes Chris to talk to him too. When they are done talking they all leave and you go to your room and fall on your bed and start silently crying by yourself. You hear someone walk in you turn around and see that its Jason. "Are you crying?" "No, its just-" You try to make an excuse "Raining on my face." He laughs and takes a seat next to you "Are they mad?" He stops laughing and nods. Another tear goes down your face "Are you mad?" "No, I'm not mad a bit dissapointed but not mad." You hug him and he's hesitant to hug you back but does. "Why are you dissapointed?" You break away fromt the hug "Because, I wasn't your first."
  10. CLIFFHANGER!! Sorry guys but that made the perfect cliffhanger and did you like your date with Chris?;) Lol but anyways When i was writing this i was like 'Hmmm this has to be a bit dramatic...' So i thought of Alex and Chris going at it and Nick mad at you and Jason is the only one who isn't mad but hey it was good right? and also the next few parts are going to be wayyyy slow cuz I'm grounded-.- but oh well atleast i got to part 5! Well good bye everybody! and keep your eyes out for part6!!:)

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