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Holaz, Alissa! Sup, girl! Hey, Firey_Soul! Hello. Hi. What's up? Salutations. Aloha. Hola. Bonjour, mademoiselle. Anything else that means hello. Yeah, I can't think of anything else to say. I hate writing these stupid introduction paragraphs! They make me angrified! >;}

Hey! Guess what! I swear that I didn't mean to, but I accidentally convinced my little sister that I keep a knife in my dresser. Okay, we share a room and she bugged the crap out of me, so I told her if she didn't shut up I was going to kill her. (I was joking of course). Then, she said, "With what?" Then, I told her there was a large knife in my dresser. That scared her half to death. I told her if she didn't believe me to check. She was to scared to. I thought she knew I was joking... I want the world to know there is no knife in my dresser!

Created by: TNMEBDMS girl

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  1. Pick a picture: A roof with eyes that says: "Stalker roof waits to make his move", or a sign next to a forest that says "Extreme fire hazard! Don't even fart in the forest!"
  2. I looked both of those things up on google images! I was talking to my cousin who thinks TNMEBDMS girl means Time Bomb Girl... You'd be suprised how "special" my family is...
  3. I just got out of the pool. I am wet. The water was kind of warm and my cousin and I played with balls. They were warm too. We threw them at each other, but my cousin had an advantage because his ball was bigger.
  4. *sings happily* I'm a girl, not a squirrel! You might fart, because you eat poptarts! Girls like poptarts, because they taste like unicorn hearts! Poptarts, oh poptarts everywhere! Poptarts, oh, poptarts in your underwear! That bunny just hopped! Poptarts aren't popped! But, they are tarts! They are glorious poptarts! Pop to the tart! They make you wanna fart! Fudgey, maybe! Probably makes you pee! Poptarts!
  5. Anthony Padilla is...
  6. Hello, Allissa!
  7. Hey! One question about the fanny pack song. What the firetruck do you put in a fanny pack that weighs 20 pounds!?!?!
  8. What does TNMEBDMS in TNMEBDMS girl stand for?
  9. Have you even taken the impossible quiz on addictinggames?
  10. So, uuuummmm.... yeah....

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