FNAF sister location quiz!

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This quiz is mainly about how much you know about sister location (it’s probably easy :l ) But hey thanks for taking the quiz let’s just hope you do some more research señor or señorita

Sister location is a horror Five nights at Freddys game lol Uhhhh a tip! Research more bout the Afton family Suggestions search up on YouTube shadows glitch -0- and watch her videosIncluding hasime maybe that’ll help

Created by: Freaky Afton
  1. Funtime Freddy has anger issues, who calms him?
  2. Is Elizabeth Afton circus baby?
  3. What does the hand unit autocorrect Micheal Afton’s name to?
  4. Which character down below is not from sister location?
  5. Which Afton is in sister location?
  6. Who is this character?If you were the one who is motion activated by light who are you?
  7. Who did Circus Baby kill was it:
  8. Do you like playing sister location ( no right or wrong answers )
  9. Who created the animatronics was it:
  10. Are there ships? ☺❤

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