Fnaf 2 character quiz

Two flavors of lemonade. Two different powers harnessed by the lemonade. Two different ways that these people's lives could turn out. Two is the magic number.

If you like lemonade, then you are in for a ride! You are probably still young I'm guessing. You can figure out your lifestyle and your meaning by the power of le-mon-ade!

Created by: I_Suck_Right

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your BFF forgot her lunch! You are at recess in the middle of a really awesome and intense game. You:
  2. Words to describe yourself:
  3. Fav color out of these:
  4. Pick an emoji.
  5. Fav animal out of these:
  6. Speak honestly. I don't see your answers. How smart do you think you are on a scale of 1-6?
  7. How do you let your bad emotions out?
  8. Dream occupation?
  9. #1 fear
  10. How much did you like this quiz? (Won't effect your answer!
  11. If you answered a negative possibility, please comment on what I can change. Is love to make this better.

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