What fnaf character are you

Have you wonder which five nights at freddy's character you are? You can find out now! The outcomes are Foxy,Bonnie,Chica,Freddy,and Mangle. Everyones favorites.

You are awesome if you take this quiz and other fnaf quizzes. You're cooler Bajancanadian. JUST KIDDING! no one is cooler then BajanCanadian. He's epic.

Created by: pizzaMen

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like to eat
  2. What do you look like
  3. Do you like the quiz so far
  4. what is this song ITS what we're made to do you act like we're to blame!
  5. Is this fun
  6. what are the three people that could've caused the bite of '87
  7. ur personality
  8. how fast do you go?
  9. Its what we're made too do!
  10. Its what we're made too do!
  11. Goodbye. did you like

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Quiz topic: What fnaf character am I