Fly (a ninjago rp quiz)

I hope you enjoyed this quiz is a role play. At the end you'll learn what ninja falls in love with you. I've never liked how girls crush on the ninjas but I'm bored and tired. Enjoy!

Hullo friends. I'm still new so I hope you enjoy and rate. Please cheak out ,y first quiz. I'll try to get part 2 out as soon as possable. You're dear friend, Green shadow_ninja

Created by: Green Shadow_Ninja of GreenShadowNinja
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  1. Hi I'm gonna give you a key before you start:y/n means your name. F/c means your favorite color. K?
  2. You laid down in your bed when you heard the smoke alarm go off. You headed over to the door but it was on fire. What do you do now?
  3. You look around and you see your night stand. You grab it and run towards your window. A bunch of burning debris falls on top of you. You start to look around and you see a purple snake slither in your room. He picks you up by the neck and Carrys you out of your room. Then you black out. The last thing you think is...
  4. *this is a time skip*
  5. You wake up Laying on a bed. You look to your legt and you see a night stand. On it is your favorite necklace. You hold it to your heart but notices it has ashes on it you wipe them off. What kind of jewel is in your neklace?
  6. You look past the night stand and see a yellow face peeking through the door. (Yes you've been in lego this whole time). The Pearson shuts the door fast. You sit up in bed. What is you're reaction?
  7. ?:sensei she's awake you hear footsteps as you quickly put you necklace on. An old man and a ninja in___comes in. What color is the ninja?
  8. Sensei wu:I'm sensei wu. You put your necklace on,and stare at am I here though Sensei: you must train to become a ninja your first miss on will be with the ninja in a cave. (He hands you a f/c gi and leaves along with the ninja.) Your reaction?
  9. You rode with your favorite ninja to the cave. When you got there you looked into the cave.
  10. You walked into the cave. Walking turned into running. Then you tripped. You screamed. Then you were tied up then you vanished, and blacked out.
  11. I hoped you enjoyed. Please take part 2! Bye friends!

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