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Some people are good at this some aren't but try any way you will do great im sure give it a go you be better than you are thinking you are and anyway we wont judge you in a mean way.

Me I know a lot of this I have been in gymnastics for many years you might have as well so give it a go and get a result and see how much you know about this.

Created by: wizbang

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  1. what is the real name for a no handed cartwheel.
  2. how many types of gymnastics are there.
  3. what is the new vault when you get to step 5
  4. was trampolining ever involved in gymnastics?
  5. which one of these words are used in gymnastics
  6. how high does a step 3 cast need to be?
  7. what contains more strength out of bar and vault?
  8. what requires more strength out of floor and beam?
  9. do step 1 people compete?
  10. when do you have to learn to backwards handspring?
  11. do you have to be able to back flip to be a gymnast?
  12. how old do you need to be to compete?
  13. if you had to do a different sport which one would it be
  14. if you chose other before would you choose one of theese
  15. how much time do you train a week
  16. how many times do you attend training per week

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