Find your true love part 2

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Okay, same thing as last time, but you have NO idea where you are!! whats gonna happen?!?!

Mike, Tyler and Joss are back, and something horrible is gonna happen!!

Created by: Staryie128
  1. So where we left of was someone was coming down the hall. When he gets to the light, you see its Mr. Blue Eyes.
  2. He comes up to you and looks in your eyes. You get paralayzed where you are, his eyes are so blue that you can't break away from his eyes. You hear in the backround, more footsteps. He breaks away from the contact with you and turns around.
  3. Its both Beach-blondie and Mr. Green eyes. They come up towards Mr. Blue Eyes and they start talking. What catches your ear?
  4. They turn around and you look at the wall, pretending you didnt hear a word they said. Mr. Blue Eyes comes up and sits down next to you. "______, how are you feeling?"
  5. "Fine, but i want to go home..." you say. "Sorry, but we can't let you go back to your house" "Why??" "Its just not safe."
  6. "How come its not safe?" "Someone, or something, is after you. You have to stay here and train with us so you'll be ready." "But who ARE you?" you ask. "Well," says Mrs. BLue eyes, "My name is Mike. Tyler, he's the one with the brown hair, and Joss is the one standing next to him with the beach blonde hair."
  7. You nod. You look at all three of them then stare down at your shoes. "But, we aren't humans." says Joss. Your head snaps at. You look at him. "Not...human? Then what are you?" "Well, I'm a Demigod." says Joss. "My dad is Hermes." "And im a warlock." says Tyler. "What are you?" you ask Mike. "I think it might be better to show you, than tell." He looks into your eyes agian. He goes towards your neck and you feel something sharp go through your skin. Instead of pain though, you feel relaxed. You realize that hes a Vampire.
  8. He stops and looks up at you and smiles. Joss and Tyler are looking everywhre but you. Joss stalks off and tyler just smiles at you sadly. Mike says 'thank you' and follows them.
  9. You fall asleep and dream of [____]. Just as you started to like your dream, you get woken up by a loud, horrifying roar.
  10. You walk towards the noise and open the door where it leads you to. You open is real careful and when you look inside, you see blood, everywhere...
  11. plz come back and wait for number 3!!

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Quiz topic: Find my true love part 2