Find out your spirit color!

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have ever wondered what your feelings may be? well take this quiz and you can find out your spirtit color. short and fun questions you can take with your friends and family.

are you someone who is nice and funny? or are you someone who is a little more independent? well figure out what color your spirit is on this simple and quick quiz, with only 12 questions!

Created by: Lauren & Mary
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  1. you are offered a trip on a cruise ship for a week, but you have a job interview that you need to go to.
  2. yoet four tickets to a game. who do you take?
  3. a new girl/boy needs help at school with a subject you really understand, do you
  4. your friends invite you to skip class, you...
  5. your mom buys you an outfit you think is really ugly. you...
  6. friends or family?
  7. grades or sports
  8. your parents are going away for a month long trip. its there last night but its your best friends birthday. do you..
  9. your sibling has a booger in their nose and you dont know how to tell them. you....
  10. you break your moms vase. you...

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Quiz topic: Find out my spirit color!