Find out if you are a medicen cat or warrior!

Want to know if you would be a med cat or warrior? after this quiz your dream well come true of that.... answer the questions with honoest and you well be good to your clan.

a website you can go to is it is a 3d online world and you can make up a clan if you want! (i am telling you this because i told everyting alreadt!)

Created by: spottedleaf

  1. Do you like battling or healing?
  2. Do you want to get messages from starclan?
  3. do you like hunting?
  4. Do you want a mate?
  5. who is your favrite cat?
  6. are you a she-cat or girl
  7. what is your favrite book?
  8. what do u think of this quiz so far?
  9. is this quiz a good one?
  10. are you still awak?

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