Are you a warrior cat

Are you a warrior cat. well find out in this quiz. You might be a leader, a warrior or maybe an apprentice. If you want to know go to this quiz to find out.

You might be a kit or maybe a little better. Find out here in this quiz where YOU find out if you are a warrior cat or if you have a brain at all. This is the ultimate warrior cat quiz.

Created by: Goldenpetal
  1. Who is ShadowClan's leader in Forest of secrets.
  2. How does Bluestar die
  3. True or False does Hollyleaf die
  4. Which cat does Blackfoot kill in Into the wild
  5. Warrior cats
  6. How many kits did Hollypaw, Lionpaw, Jaypaw, Heatherpaw and Breezepaw save
  7. Do you like this quiz by any chance
  8. You see two kits in a fox trap. You.....
  9. Can medicine cats have kits
  10. Everybody dance now
  11. How many books in the new prophecy
  12. Have you heard of warrior cats
  13. What is Warriors
  14. Do you love warriors

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Quiz topic: Am I a warrior cat