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hELLO This is a sequal to the previous Find out how weird you are quiz. Have fun and enjoy the ride, Please laugh because im making a joke :D Ya.. haHA

hELLO This is a sequal to the previous Find out how weird you are quiz. Have fun and enjoy the ride, Please laugh because im making a joke :D Ya.. haHA!!

Created by: Kattie1999

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  1. Something is falling from the sky. What is it? You look up and see as it gets closer, its the TURTLE!!
  2. THE TURTLE FALLS INTO YOUR HANDS! You look down at the turtle. It is on its back, and its legs are trying to flip itself over but, they cant. His poor little turtle legs moving back and forth and back and forth but to no success.. What do you do?
  3. You throw the turtle at the poor kid! The turtle hit the kid in the head, and the kid flew backwards dramatically.
  4. You cut the cheese, then you go and pick up the turtle. The kid is crying so you step on him. Then you wonder as your walking down the sidewalk "Is this turtle really industructable?!"
  5. While you are walking you see the Empire State Building to your right, (yes you live in NY). You get an idea and go up the stairs , because you dont trust elevators. You keep walking and keep walking and keep...
  6. You finally reach the top, after a few hours and you look over the side. Its a long way down. What do you do?
  7. You see the police nearby and they rush toward you! "Hult! You can not drop that!" They are within arms reach and you swing the turtle wildly. You knock them down as if you were using a jack hammer. Then you throw the turtle over the EDGE!!
  8. You watch the turtle fall down at speed well over 50miles per hour. You then run under the stunned police, and go back down to the ground to find the turtle swimming in a fountain!
  9. You decide to pick up the turtle and steal the helicopter. You put the turtle on the dashboard. The turtle looks stunned. You fly to mount everest and take out some heavy jackets. You cover the turtle in several layers of socks. You climb to the top and THROW THE TURTLE OVER THE EDGE!! you watch the turtle fall
  10. You go back down and see the turtle is fine and moving..
  11. WOW!! This is bouncin awesome! I mean the trurtle is industructable. But to make sure you steal a nuclear bomb from under the mountain. You strap the turtle to it. Then you drive away three hours. And then you hit the destruct button.
  12. The bomb blinds you but you are okay. You return to the turd i mean- turtle! And he's fine. Its trulky indestructable
  13. BUT SOMETHING IS WRONG! The turtle is actually a turd.
  14. What do you do now?

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